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Article published the Wednesday 09 March 2011 - Latest update : Wednesday 09 March 2011

Brazil's Brandao questioned over rape case



Police decided Wednesday to hold Brazilian striker Brandao in custody for an extra 24 hours in Marseille, in southern France. The 30-year-old is being questioned in relation to a rape investigation.

Brandao, who plays for French club l’Olympique de Marseille, was arrested at home and placed in police custody on Tuesday morning.

A 23-year-old woman on Friday accused the player of having raped her in his car after they left a night club in Aix-en-Provence, also in the south, last week.

Brandao, whose full name is Evaeverson Lemos da Silva, denies the allegations

The alleged victim underwent a medical examination over the weekend. She told investigators that she had delayed going to the police because she didn’t think her version of events would be taken seriously.

She met Brandao on Tuesday evening at the police station, according to police.

Police went with her to l’Olympique de Marseille on Wednesday to question other players she may have met.

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