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Article published the Saturday 21 May 2011 - Latest update : Saturday 21 May 2011

DSK under house arrest in New York apartment

Dominique Strauss-Kahn with his lawyer Benjamin Brafman
Reuters/Shannon Stapleton


Former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been released from jail in New York and is under house arrest. He was freed on Friday after his lawyers posted bail and bond totalling 4,2 million euros.


He's facing trial for the alleged sexual assault and attempted rape of a hotel maid. Srauss-Kahn denied all charges and is expected to enter a plea of not guilty at his next court appearance on 6 June.

Dossier: The Strauss-Kahn affair rocks France, IMF

Strauss-Kahn will live under constant surveillance by the private security firm Stroz Friedberg at a secure building at the south end of Broadway near Ground Zero. He must wear an electronic monitoring bracelet at all times, be under at least one armed guard and the apartment must have 24-hour video monitoring and alarms on all exterior doors.

The veteran politician resigned as the head of the IMF on Thursday. He is a member of France's opposition Socialist Party and was expected to run against President Nicolas Sarkozy in next year's elections.

French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde is widely tipped to replace him at the head of the IMF. But developing nations like Brazil, Mexico and China have urged a rethink of conventional wisdom that the IMF chief has to come from Europe.

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the totalitarisme and desin formation

well come from france also for me offer to prostitute myself i wokr 17 years in press im artists in sacem robbe agress no help no journaliste no mayor defend me and my family my cousin is french deputé represent israel mud mud mud sense im back in france watch out about nazis group european make manipulation and send cheat heads for harcelment make fauss information happen to me joelle esther benyayer

“What we do is what defines

“What we do is what defines us”
The lack of respect and arrogance towards others (especially women) could only be the result of this type of behaviour.
This case should serve as a great example for all untouchables’ men out there.

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