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Article published the Tuesday 04 October 2011 - Latest update : Tuesday 04 October 2011

Student sets himself on fire over exam resit refusal

Reuters/Stephane Mahe


A 19 year old, who was refused permission to resit the Baccalaureat exam at his former secondary school in Oran in Algeria, set himself on fire on Tuesday.

Witnesses say the youth entered the Lycée Souiyah El Houari premises and stood in front of the staff room where he doused himself in petrol and used a cigarette lighter.

Several staff and students saw the incident and some fainted, according to the French language newspaper le Quotidien d'Oran.

A member of staff who went to help burnt his hands.

The student is now in hospital where his condition is described as critical.

Fellow students say the youth acted in a moment of desperation after his request to return to the school to retake his exam was refused.


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