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Article published the Tuesday 08 November 2011 - Latest update : Tuesday 08 November 2011

Sarkozy calls Netanyahu a liar in private conversation with Obama

Sarkozy's comment was not meant to be overheard by journalists
Reuters/Eric Feferberg


Israeli officials are remaining silent over reports that French President Nicolas Sarkozy called Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “liar” during a private conversation with American President Barack Obama.


The conversation was overheard by a number of journalists during the recent G20 summit in the French Riviera resort of Cannes.

Sarkozy was heard saying to Obama in French “I can’t see him anymore, he’s a liar,” to which Obama replied, “You may be sick of him, but me, I have to deal with him every day,” which was translated into English.

The journalists were asked not to report the conversation, but it has appeared on the websites of most major Israeli dailies although not by Israel Hayom which is considered close to Netanyahu.

Obama is also said to have chastised Sarkozy for not having informed the United States of France's plans to vote in favour of Palestinian membership in UN cultural agency UNESCO.


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Comments (3)

Sarkozy's versus ':Bebe"

What a bunch of bs! Only a fool wouldn't see these public relation stunt for what it is. I bet after it was all done and said even 'Bebe" had a good lough!
One thing is certain the brain washed masses of the world now like Sarkozy a little bit more!

sarkozy is a tool

sarkozy is nothing more than a tool! Your disdain should be towards the muslims who are in your country and ruining it from the inside out. Its no secret there are sections of muslim populated areas that are using sharia law to govern their own and the police are too scared to patrol those areas.
everyone wants to side with the poor palestinians. however, they continue to shoot mortars and rockets into Israel each and every day by the hundreds. I don't think sarkozy or obama would tolerate such actions on there soil, but they expect Israel to tolerate such hostile aggressive action.
The day the US turns its back on Israel is the day the US will no longer have Gods protection.

What is Israel and its drone-like supporters so afraid of?

Accountability is something the honest strive for and towards. Israel and its puppets in the press and western Israel-first public associate calls for accountability with hate. They are not synonymous in any dictionary on the planet - sorry about your luck. And the only people who deflect and demonize calls to be responsible for their own actions are the guilty.

If the shoe fits, wear it. Tired of Israeli leadership. Tired of AIPAC. Tired of Israeli shills in the public. Tired of hypocrisy from the lot of you. And oh, btw. Zionists are the Chosen People like I'm Abe Lincoln. You don't have a red phone to God like you're Commissioner Gordon and he's Batman. So come off the fairy tales and acid trips.

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