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Article published the Sunday 04 November 2012 - Latest update : Sunday 04 November 2012

Hollande pledges support for Lebanon

France's President Francois Hollande speaks during a joint news conference with his Lebanese counterpart Michel Suleiman at the


French President François Hollande pledged today to support Lebanon against threats of destabilisation caused by the Syrian civil war spilling into the country.

During a last-minute decision to stop over in Beirut, Hollande spoke at a joint news conference with Lebanese Presodient Michel Sleiman.

“France will spare no effort to guarantee Lebanon’s independence, unity and security” said the French President. He added that France is determined “to oppose with all its strength any bid to destabilise”.

His impromptu meeting in Lebanon comes at a time when the country has increasingly been feeling the effects of the Syrian civil war creep in beyond its borders. Just last month on 19 October, Wissam al-Hassan, the Lebanese Internal Security Forces intelligence chief, was assassinated by a car bomb. It was an attack Lebanon blames on the Syrian opposition.

Just two weeks ago, Lebanon’s opposition called on Prime Minister Najib Mikati to resign. Mikati’s cabinet is dominated by Hezbollah, long seen as a strong ally to Syria’s Bashar al-Assad by the Syrian opposition.

“It is important to comfort President Sleiman at this time” Hollande said before leaving for Beirut.

Hollande is due to attend a talk in Saudi Arabia with King Abdullah later today on Syria and Iran before attending to an Asia-Europe summit in Laos.

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Here we go, another empty

Here we go, another empty promise of "support for Lebanon". What does it mean? it means nothing. Lies and false statements do nothing for Lebanon. The only cure lebanon needs is heavy weapons for the Lebanese army. Period. Put up of shut up. any nation that needs permission from Israel to sell lebanon weapons is not a free nation, but a cowardly subservient to Israel.