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Article published the Friday 16 November 2012 - Latest update : Friday 16 November 2012

Author Stéphane Hessel's home graffitied with anti-Semitism accusation

Stéphane Hessel
AFP/Denis Charlet


The Paris home of Stéphane Hessel, a 95-year-old French resistance hero and concentration camp survivor, has been defaced by graffiti accusing him of being anti-Semitic, his family said Friday.

The words "Hessel anti-Semite" were daubed on the front of the building in large blue letters overnight.

As the conflict over Gaza escalates again, police suspect it was linked to the best-selling writer's criticism of Israel.

The former diplomat’s 2010 pamphlet Indignez Vous! (Time for Outrage!) was a surprise sales success, selling more than four million copies worldwide, catching the mood that left to "Occupy" protests in Europe and the US.

It called fon readers to protest about questions ranging from income disparity to the environment.

Hessel has been a longstanding critic of Israeli military operations in the West Bank and Gaza and Indignez Vous! takes up the plight of the Palestinians.

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