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Article published the Sunday 18 November 2012 - Latest update : Sunday 18 November 2012

Syria slams France as hostile nation after opposition ambassador invitation

French President François Hollande leaves the Elysée with National Coalition leader Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib
Reuters/Benoit Tessier


Syria accused France of “acting like a hostile nation” after President François Hollande’s announcement that his government will recognise a representative of the opposition as the country’s ambassador to Paris.

"France is acting like a hostile nation," Syrian National Reconciliation Minister Ali Haidar told the AFP news agency on a visit to Tehran.

Recalling the French mandate in Syria after the break-up of the Ottoman empire, he declared, "It's as if it wants to go back to the time of the occupation." 

France is the only Western power so far to recognise the Syrian National Coalition as the representative of the Syrian people and on Saturday Hollande met coalition leader Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib and declared that the group would name Syria’s ambassador to France.

France "seeks to speak on behalf of the Syrian people, but our people do not attach any importance to this action," Haidar said.

Haidar was speaking as Iran, a key ally of Bahsar al-Assad’s regime, prepared to host talks between Syrian officials and some opposition groups.

But he confirmed that the coalition, which refuses to enter talks unless Assad leaves power, had not been invited.

Israeli artillery responded early on Sunday after gunfire from Syria hit an army vehicle on the Golan Heights but caused no casualties, Israel's military said.

Opposition sources abroad reported heavy fighting in Aleppo and government bombardment in Damascus on Sunday, as well as clashes in Daraa in the south and Deir Ezzor in the east

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We want to ask with all our

We want to ask with all our hearts and minds the President Bashar al-Assad to step down.

Robynne Lopez
University of Santo Tomas

While Medvedev seems to be

While Medvedev seems to be making good decisions internally for the betterment of Russia, I must personally disagree with his comments regarding France, and her position in recognizing and legitimizing the Syrian opposition. Need I remind Mr. Medvedev, it was the supposedly a naturally fair democratic process that led to his position as Prime Minister, and it is similarly just as natural for an opposition to fill the vacuum of power left by a crumbling and negligent dictatorship like Assad's. This “late in the conflict” declaration of a neutral position is essentially washing its hands of the issue. The damage is already done. If we take a closer examination of the last several months of Russia’s so called neutrality, along with China’s, we see how it has done more to stand in the way of any real progress by preventing UN resolution attempts from succeeding and moving forward, in turn preventing any real intervention on behalf of the populous of Syria, possibly sparing countless numbers of civilians from death and displacement. While this may indeed be doing nothing, it was this nothing that actually allowed a great deal of something rather irresponsible and destructive to take place. You can’t claim you’re neutral by doing nothing when it was entirely within your power to prevent atrocities. By doing nothing, Russia is supporting Assad. That’s not neutral, that’s negligent. A declaration of negligence would be more in order.


brother cant you see that there are many players in play who want to control the middle east oil reserves America is enriching itself with the blessing of the national transitional events The rebels will be in debt after the war and all Syrian oil reserves will be American and french The alliance by European nations is aimed to cushion the euro-zone crisis The middle East economies are stronger than withers and they are viewed as threats and need to be destroyed and improverished and they become easy target for manipulation. Mark my words these countries are not good at all Mr Medidev is right to protect and support Assad against these marauding vultures.Cant you see its arepetition of Libyan style uprisings

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