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Article published the Friday 28 December 2012 - Latest update : Friday 28 December 2012

Few French drivers have plans to avoid drink driving on NYE

A new road safety campaign for New Year's Eve urges French people to "party hard, but not on the roads".
A new road safety campaign for New Year's Eve urges French people to "party hard, but not on the roads".
Prévention routiére


A new survey has found nearly every French adult intends to drink alcohol on New Year’s Eve, but half of them don’t a plan to get home safely afterwards.

The online survey by Prévention routière, a road safety group, found nine in 10 people surveyed will drink alcohol, and seven in 10 will drink at least three glasses.

Ninety-one percent of people will travel for more than 10 kilometres in a car to get to their parties, either as a driver or as a passenger.

But 44 percent of them have not thought about how they would get home, whether they would drive, designate a driver who won’t drink, or sleep overnight at the party.

For the 47 percent of people who have worked out a plan, almost half of them would stay overnight; a quarter will designate a driver; and 13 percent plan to reduce their alcohol consumption.

Prévention routière has launched a campaign encouraging people to “party hard, but not on the roads.”

The survey also found nearly 80 percent of people believe police should step up road side patrols during New Years Eve.

Seven out of 10 drivers say they have a breathalyser in their cars, an obligatory measure since July this year.

Last year, 1,150 people died on the roads because of drink driving.

Drink driving remains the leading cause of death on the roads, followed by speed.

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