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Article published the Thursday 03 January 2013 - Latest update : Friday 04 January 2013

Majority of French want referendum on gay marriage

A majority of French people favour a referendum on gay marriage


A new survey has found more than two-thirds of French people would like a referendum on same-sex marriage and adoption rights.

Sixty-nine percent of respondents say they would like to see a vote on the issue.

The online survey, published in the weekly magazine Valeurs actuelles, found 86 percent of supporters of France’s major conservative party, the UMP, favoured a referendum.

Eighty-four percent of supporters for the National Front, the far-right party, would support a referendum, compared to 55 percent of left-wing voters.

The French national assembly is due to consider a bill later this month legalising same-sex marriage and the right for homosexual couples to adopt children.

The survey was conducted between 18th and 20th December using a representative sample of the French adult population.

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