French presidential elections 2012

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11/10/2012 - Analysis: France

Should François Hollande stop shaving? - France loves the new Sarkozy

The French media, almost universally hostile to Nicolas Sarkozy while he was in power, are missing him badly.

15/05/2012 - France's new president

Who is François Hollande's new prime minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault?

In a widely expected move, Francois Hollande has named his special campaign adviser Jean-Marc Ayrault to the post of prime minister in his first appointment as president since being sworn in Tuesday ...
08/05/2012 - Analysis: France's new president

Can the US work with François Hollande?

The White House on Monday said that relations with France will be unaffected by the election of Socialist François Hollande as French president.
06/05/2012 - Analysis: French presidential election campaign 2012

Why did Sarkozy lose the French presidential election?

Nicolas Sarkozy on Sunday failed to win reelection as president of France.
03/05/2012 - Analysis: French presidential election 2012

Has Marine Le Pen made France's Front National respectable?

When the votes were counted after the French presidential election’s first round all of Europe was shocked.
03/05/2012 - Analysis: French presidential election 2012

Who's the liar? French presidential candidates fall out over immigration, unemployment and Berlusconi

French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday judged his Socialist rival François Hollande “tough” but “respectful” in Wednesday evening’s televised election ...
23/04/2012 - Analysis: French presidential election 2012

How François Hollande hopes to beat Nicolas Sarkozy in second round of French presidentials

Socialist candidate François Hollande came top in the first round of French presidential elections last night as predicted.
23/04/2012 - Analysis: French presidential election 2012

Why Nicolas Sarkozy thinks he will beat François Hollande in French presidential election final round

Despite being the first sitting French president ever to take only second place in the first round of the elections, Nicolas Sarkozy appeared more combative and determined than ever when he made his ...
20/04/2012 - Analysis: French presidential election

Bash the rich - French presidential candidates' vote-winning big idea

In this year’s presidential campaigns there have been mini-issues which have hogged the headlines for a few days, (halal meat, the driving licence), ideas which didn’t fly (a Merkozy ...
19/04/2012 - Analysis: French presidential election 2012

Why is François Hollande so boring?

He looks like an unassertive provincial schoolteacher, he’s been nicknamed “the marshmallow” and he claims to be Mr Ordinary.
18/04/2012 - Analysis: French presidential election 2012

Far-right's Le Pen makes last bid for disillusioned Sarkozy voters

Far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen on Tuesday made a last pitch to win back voters who deserted her Front National for incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007.
16/04/2012 - Analysis: French presidential election 2012

Hollande, Sarkozy struggle to inspire as French presidential vote draws near

The two leading candidates in France’s presidential election both claimed that over 100,000 people turned out for their final rallies on Sunday before next week’s first round of voting.
10/04/2012 - Analysis: French presidential elections 2012

French President Nicolas Sarkozy – love him or hate him? The referendum election

No one would dispute that Nicolas Sarkozy has stamped his considerable personality on the French presidency in a way few other presidents have.

23/03/2012 - Analysis: French presidential election 2012

Sarkozy boosted by Toulouse killings drama - but will it last?

French President Nicolas Sarkozy was back on the campaign trail on Thursday, dubbing Toulouse killer Mohamed Merah a “monster” but no doubt conscious that the monster’s trail of ...
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