Flight attendants with EasyJet in France have announced a strike for 25 and 26 December.

EasyJet France flight attendants call Christmas strike

Angry over salaries and work schedules, flight attendants of the French branch of low-cost airline EasyJet announced Friday they would take strike action on 25 and 26 December.

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American artist Jeff Koons.
17/12/2014 - France
Paris-based publicist Franck Davidovici is accusing American contemporary artist Jeff Koons of unlawfully copying a 1985 advertisement in a work on display in the French capital, the plaintiff's ...
Le Centquatre contemporary arts centre in Paris
08/12/2014 - France -South Africa

An artists’ collective on Monday asked a Paris court to order a halt to the controversial Exhibit B show, which its members judge to be racist and degrading.

Béziers mayor Robert Ménard with his town council's crib, known as a "crèche" in French
06/12/2014 - France
French officials have ordered local councils to take down Christmas nativity cribs in public buildings because of France’s strict secular law on the separation of church and state.
Four-day forum at Paris’s Grand Palais to 'bank on France'
05/12/2014 - On-the-spot France
French morale is in the doldrums as the country struggles with a stagnant economy and record high unemployment. And foreign media have tended to rub salt in the wounds.
French screen star Marion Cotillard at the Cannes Film Festival
04/12/2014 - France
France’s Centre National du Cinéma, a body which subsidises French films, is to refuse grants for films in which actors are paid too highly, according to the French daily Les ...
Saint-Exupéry's 1943 illustration of the Turkish astronomer who discovered the asteroid B612.
02/12/2014 - France

An original drawing from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's classic The Little Prince is to be auctioned in Paris next week.

Soleil Rouge, starring Alain Delon and his Colt Frontier 1873
01/12/2014 - France - USA

A collection of guns belonging to French 60s screen idol Alain Delon is due to go under the hammer on Monday evening in Paris.

01/12/2014 - France - Italy - Switzerland

A French-Italian art collector has left a work of art worth one million euros on a TGV train and offered a reward to whoever returns it.

The reenactment of the exhibition of the embalmed body of African-born philosopher Angelo Soliman in the Vienna Natural History Museum in the18th century
28/11/2014 - France - South Africa
Protesters stopped the controversial Exhibit B performance at a Paris theatre on Thursday evening, accusing it of being racist and exploitative.
23/11/2014 - FRANCE

French auction house Artcurial announced on Sunday that it had set a world record after it sold a watercolour of the graphic novel hero Corto Maltese for more than 390,000 euros.