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How to listen to RFI in English

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RFI's English Service broadcasts to Africa every morning for four hours live from 4.00 UT / GMT, and in the afternoon from 14.00-15.00 and 16.00-17.00 UT / GMT. You can tune in on 15 FM frequencies (including Jamaica). All of our programmes can be listened to on the internet live, and with streaming replays, downloads and podcasts. We're also on satellite, IPTV, shortwave frequencies and you can listen on your mobile phone and through our smartphone applications.

All times in Universal Time (UT) / (GMT)


To listen live, hit the "click to listen live" link in the red "Listen to RFI" box at the top right of any page. 


To listen again to a 10-minute bulletin from the top of our programmes, follow the "news" tab on the "Listen to RFI" box on the right.

 To download, podcast or listen again to our programmes in segments, click here.


The full programmes can be heard on our 15 FMs in Africa and Jamaica, except for 97.5 FM which will only broadcast the morning programme from 4.00 to 8.00 UT / GMT in Port Harcourt, Calabar and Douala/Limbe.
(view on googlemaps)



Kenya- Nairobi 89.9 FM / Mombasa 105.5 FM
Uganda - Kampala 93.7 FM
South Sudan - Juba 91.4 FM

Gambia - Banjul 89 FM
Ghana - Accra 89.5 FM / Kumasi 92.9 FM
Sierra Leone - Freetown 89.9 FM
Liberia - Monrovia 106 FM
Nigeria - Calabar 97.5 FM / Port Harcourt 97.5 FM

Cameroon Bamenda 105.8 FM / Douala-Limbe 97.5 FM
Lesotho - Maseru 96.5 FM
Namibia - Windhoek 107.9 FM
Zambia - Lusaka 100.5 FM / Kitwe 92.5 FM



- Kingston 96.5 FM

Shortwave frequency

Our programmes can be heard in Africa on the shortwave frequency 9675 kHz, 31m Band between 6.00 and 7.00 UT / GMT.

You can also look for our programs on WRMI (http://www.wrmi.net) and WRN (http://www.wrn.org/listeners). In Paris, you can hear us on World Radio Paris (http://www.worldradioparis.fr) on DAB+.

Write to english.service@rfi.fr and let us know how you listen to us - and happy listening!

Smartphone applications

- on the Appstore:

- on Google play:

- on Windows store (PC & tablets):

You can also hear our live stream on smartphones with the (free) Liveradio app. Tune in under "Stations/World/France/RFI Langues 1" from 4.00 to 8.00 Universal Time. 

Via Satellite

  • Listeners in the Americas can hear RFI English on Hispasat (1E) and listeners in southern Africa can hear us on Worldspace (southbeam Afristar 3).

HISPASAT (Channel 2)    4, 5, 6, 7 UT / GMT


  • Listeners in the United States can hear RFI English on Galaxy 19 via WRN - World Radio Network (free, no subscription).

GALAXY 19 (Channel 1)    6, 10 UT / GMT   From Monday to Sunday

  • Listeners in the United States and Canada can hear RFI English on Sirius XM via WRN - World Radio Network (with subsciption).

SIRIUS WM    6, 10 UT / GMT From Monday to Sunday


Via Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)

Listeners in the United States and Canada can hear RFI English (4 hours) with subscription on:

  • My African Pack (Global Networks Communications Corp.)
  • EnovativeTV

By mobile phone

In the United States, via AudioNow (www.audionow.com), dial (712) 432-8040 to hear the latest broadcast from the English Service (no charge).

In Cameroon, dial 9000 to hear the latest broadcast from the English Service (25F CFA per minute).

In Côte d'Ivoire, dial 734 to hear the latest broadcast from the English Service (25F CFA per minute).

In The Sky

On all Air France A380 flights you can listen to - and save via a USB slot - a selection of RFI programmes in English, French and Spanish.



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Comments (31)

RFI English Internet Stream

I've noted that you have a full time (24/7) internet streaming service for RFI Anglais. Is this a "live" stream, in that the programming is being produced as a live broadcast at all times? Or are the broadcasts outside your stated schedule (04-0800 and 14-1500 and 16-1700 UTC) hour-long repeats of the most recent live broadcasts?

I am listening now to your broadcast via WRMI, Okeechobee, FL USA at 2115 UTC on 15770 kHz. It is good to hear you once again on shortwave. I hope these broadcasts will continue.

Best regards.

Shortwave Broadcasts to North America


I am glad to hear that RFI has an English broadcast to Africa

I an interested in knowing if RFI is planning to broadcast to North America

on Shortwave

Paul Grodkowski


English on Shortwave


I am very happy to be able to hear your "Paris Live AM" in English again from 0600 to 0700 UTC on shortwave on 13725kHz. This is really good news for the many people who love to get their international news via shortwave and are unable to tune in to your internet broadcasts.

Is this a permanent re-instatement of English at this time? And are there any plans to maybe extend from the existing one hour a day?

many thanks!

Alan Roe

English on Shortwave


I am a shortwave enthusiast

I am also interested in RFI shortwave broadcasts

Perhaps interest from listeners like us will motivate RFI to expand shortwave broadcasts


Please continue English

Please continue English broadcasts on shortwave.
It is impossible for us to listen to your English broadcast only via WRN, I am also sad.

Please continue English

Please continue English broadcasts on shortwave.

English on shortwave to Africa?

I have not been able to hear these in North America recently on shortwave and now I look at this page and see that the former frequencies are no longer listed. Have you discontinued shortwave in English to Africa entirely? Or is this a temporary situation?

shortwave discontinued

Our shortwave broadcasts have been discontinued, yes.

tuned in

i will tune in and listen now.


being a trade union leader of indian train drivers, i thank RFI a lot giving us an opportunity to present problems faced and working conditions before the world community.

hope we shall get attention by all stake holders.

Down again!

Ever since your new schedule came in it has been pretty good. I usually tune in right after listening to the BBC World Service news, and the same link that carries RFI English carries RFI Musique unitil 0400 UTC when the English comes on. Tonight silence. The RFI French works, and the RFI Musique works. Listening via iTunes and listening via the RFI web site get me the same results.

When you first announced the new morning schedule I asked you whether the afternoon schedule would remain the same, because you didn't mention it at all. Well, I can't say you lied. You just didn't tell the truth. So what is going on, odonnell?

Thanks for the feedback,

Thanks for the feedback, always welcome. Our live stream collapsed this morning for technical reasons, but it was back on for 5.00 UT - apologies for the inconvenience. All our programming takes place in the morning now, so there will no longer be any afternoon / evening broadcasts.

rfi should b the only station

rfi should b the only station all over the world but the question still remain... we also need their performance on our screen @ home

I love the good programming

I love the good programming and broadcasting quality and I want to say thanks. The Smartphone application instructions made it very easy to set up.

Many thanks for taking the

Many thanks for taking the time to produce a really thorough article on listening to RFI in English. This blog post was awesome and told me exactly what I desired to understand. Have there been any other updates to the frequencies? Since I am still learning, this was really informing.

Expanded broadcasts, strike, hint.

I like the new morning hours. I hope the evening hours (1200, 1400, 1600, 1700) remain. I got an e-mail telling me there is strike action taking place and e-mails might not be answered so quickly.

I use iTunes for MP3 (I wish I could use it for Real and Windows). I went to the RFI English page, right-clicked on the Live Play button, and copied it. Then I went to iTunes and clicked on Advanced, and then clicked on Open Stream. I pasted the link to Live Play there and opened it. This created on my Music page an icon for the feed that carries RFI English. I can go there and click on it and listen in iTunes. I already have the RSS feed from RFI English in my Google Reader subscriptions along with all the other news sources I find helpful (around 400).

RFI English broadcasts.

I have been hearing the announcements of the expanded broadcasts from 0400-0700 UTC. I would hope that the evening broadcasts (1200, 1400, 1600, and 1700) would continue as usual, but this might not be so. They talk on the air about the morning broadcasts, but do not say anything about the evening broadcasts.

E-mails from RFI have reported industrial action at RFI which has prevented from answering all their e-mails, and I have frequently heard RFI Musique on the channel used for RFI English in the internet MP3 mode. This was said to be due to technical faults.

I copied the link from the Listen Live button on the top right-hand of the RFI English web page, then went to iTunes, Clicked on Advanced, Open Stream, and them pasted the link to RFI Live and clicked on open. This gave me an RFI icon on my music page that I could click on whenever there was an English broadcast scheduled. It has worked (mostly) for several weeks.

new broadcast schedule

Our midday and evening broadcasts have been discontinued -- we now air uninterrupted morning programmes for four hours every day of the week!

Very nice article. It has

Very nice article. It has very good programming as well as broadcasting quality. I love to listen it.

Thanks for all the help. I am

Thanks for all the help. I am far from being a techie myself so this can come handy. I will tune in now!

Much apprciated

I just checked out the post that you created and I want to say thanks to you for expressing your hard work with us all. I appreciate it greatly.

Looking for recording of interview from saturday SEptember 18

I'm looking for a link to listen to an interview of Ms. Elisabeth Sandor from the OECD. The recording took place at 8pm on saturday September 18.
Thank you

RFI Langues 1

I have been listening to RFI's English language service for several years using the RFI Langue 1 stream, as recommended in the instructions above.

For the last few days, the English Language programming seems to have disappeared from this stream.

Is this a permanent, or temporary change?

language stream - back

The English / Swahili stream was in fact broken for a day or two. It's now back and will be streaming without any further problem. Apologies for the inconvenience.

RFI English

Summer schedule

Hi I have noticed tonight that the only station on the whole of the 13m short wave band is your transmission on 21.690Mhz. Its very loud and clear, playing some freat music as well. Just wondered from which site this was transmitted from.

what about in east asia via

what about in east asia via short wave?

We no longer broadcast on

We no longer broadcast on shortwave to east Asia, in English at least. Although we do have some listeners who send reception reports from Asia, who seem to pick us up from the shortwave signal going out to East Africa and the Indian Ocean.

Your summer frequencies

As I only can find your shortwave frequencies from 29 October 2009 on your web site, I kindly ask you to email me your current summer 2010 frequencies.

Kind Regards, Erik Koie, Copenhagen

The shortwave frequencies are

The shortwave frequencies are now up to date. Happy listening.

Please install a RFI fm station english, in Bamenda

I like your programming and your broadcasting quality.
I hope my request shall be granted.
Thanks yours friend:
Charles Ngang

Cameroon FM

We should soon have FM broadcasts in English from Bamenda!

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