Article published the Friday 12 February 2010 - Latest update : Tuesday 17 March 2015

Listen to RFI on your mobile

The expansion of mobile telephone technology has brought an additional means of listening to RFI.

Via a simple telephone call
The Audiotel vocal booth to listen to RFI live or as a replay:

In Africa, with an Orange subscription, at a call cost of between 15 and 25 francs CFA per minute
In Cameroon, on 9000
In Côte d'Ivoire, on 734
In Niger, on 734
In the Central African Republic, on 734

In the United States, with Audionow (cost of a local call)

Dial 7124328040 to hear the latest broadcast from the English Service (no charge).


You can also subscribe to RFI SMS alerts, depending on your operator:

  • International news
  • African news
  • Sport news

Via an internet connection

  • Via our mobile site internet (, accessible only on your mobile), which provides access to RFI articles, news sounds and weather. Bookmark the RFI site as one of your favourites.
  • By downloading different players or applications to your mobile to get RFI content.

worldwide: V-Tuner application (Iphone) for live and podcasts
- in France, Liveradio application (Iphone) for live and podcasts
- worldwide, on Nokia MOBILE RFI Internet Radio software for RFI live
- worldwide, SPB for telephones using Windows Mobile