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Article published the Tuesday 04 September 2012 - Latest update : Tuesday 04 September 2012

Back-to-school for 12 million French pupils

12 million French pupils return to school for the new school year
12 million French pupils return to school for the new school year
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More than 12 million school children in France are returning to school on Tuesday as president François Hollande pushes to make school education a priority for his government.

Around 850,000 teachers headed back to school on Monday in what’s known across the country as la rentrée.

This year, there are fewer teachers than last year, in line with the previous government’s policy of not replacing half the teachers who retire.

However, the new Socialist government has promised to create 60,000 teaching posts over the next few years.

Despite concern about job cuts and insufficient preparation, some teachers are looking forward to the new school year.

Other changes this year include a longer holiday for All Saints’ Day in November, and changes to better prepare school leavers for higher education.


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