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A Syrian child in a  refugee camp in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley
18/12/2014 - Report: Syria - Lebanon

Hezbollah and allies form militias in case Islamic State, Al Nusra attack Lebanon

The Lebanese opposition Future Movement party has demanded that Hezbollah "stop spawning armed groups" after the Shia faction has founded groups intended to fight jihadists in Syria if they ...
A worker in a laboratory of Sanofi, which now operates part of the Institut Mérieux.
17/12/2014 - France - Iraq

Iraqi man seeks compensation for deadly HIV-infected blood transfusions from France

Khalid al-Jabor, a 58-year-old retired civil servant, has been seeking compensation for his and 270 other families for deaths related to the use of infected blood imported by a French biological ...
Palestinian Foreign Affairs Minister Riyad al-Malki
17/12/2014 - France - Middle East - UN

Palestinians to put French draft on Israeli withdrawal to UN Security Council

The Palestinian Authority is to submit a largely French-drafted text calling for an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories to the UN Security Council on Wednesday, Foreign Minister ...
A volunteer for the Médecins du Monde NGO meets Albanian asylum-seekers in Lyon last October
17/12/2014 - France

French MPs vote to speed up asylum process

France is to speed up its handling of asylum-seekers, two years after being criticised by the European Commission for the time it takes to consider cases.
15/12/2014 - France

French police dismantle jihadi network

According to a police source, anti terror police units targeted a dozen targets in Toulouse, around Paris and in the northern region of Normandy early on Monday.

Palestinian President  Mahmoud Abbas shows a picture of minister Ziad Abu Ein, Ramallah, 10 December, 2014
11/12/2014 - France - Israel - Palestinian Territories

French Senate votes for Palestine recognition

The upper house of France’s parliament on Wednesday voted in favour of recognition of a Palestinian state.
A portrait of police officer Ali Bazzal executed by the Al-Nusra Front on show in a Beirut street
11/12/2014 - Report: Syria - Lebanon

Islamic State commander calls on jihadists to attack Lebanon

A commander with the Islamic State (IS) armed group has said his militia should target Lebanon, accusing its government of complicity with Shia-Muslim movement Hezbollah.

Syria refugeees in Lebanon's Bekaa valley
10/12/2014 - Report: Syria - Lebanon

UN vouchers for Syrian refugees saved by ‘unprecedented’ flood of donations

The United Nations announced on Tuesday that it will reinstate food vouchers for 1.7 million Syrian refugees.
Lebanon's Prime Minister Tammam Salam
09/12/2014 - Report: Lebanon

Lebanon's Tammam Salam calls for help to fight jihadists

In Lebanon, Prime Minister Tammam Salam has appealed for increased outside help to fight jihadist elements in the country. This, ahead of a scheduled visit to France later this week.

The block of flats in Créteil where the young couple were attacked and robbed
07/12/2014 - France

France to make fight against anti-Semitism ‘national cause’, minister

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has sworn to make the fight against anti-Semtism and racism a “national cause”.
Lille mayor Martine Aubry (L) with President François Hollande
06/12/2014 - France - Israel - Palestinian Territories

Lille mayor Martine Aubry files complaint against Zionist hacker Ulcan

The city council and the mayor of the northern French city of Lille have lodged formal complaints against Franco-Israeli hacker Ulcan for a Facebook threat to “punish” her for the ...
Demanding extradition of Robic and Khayat, French embassy, Israel, 21 Sept. 2011.
04/12/2014 - France - Israel

French men jailed for hit and run death of Israeli Lee Zeitouni

A Frenchman who killed a young Israeli woman in a hit-and-run accident in Tel Aviv and immediately fled the country, has been sentenced to five years in jail.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius during a debate on Palestine in the National Assembly last month
03/12/2014 - France - Middle East

France, Jordan push UN Middle East vote after French MPs back Palestine recognition

Following the French parliament’s vote in favour of recognising Palestine as a state, Jordan is to push the UN Security Council to pass a resolution before Christmas

French lower house of parliament
02/12/2014 - France - Israel - Palestinians

French parliament set to vote Palestine recognition

French lawmakers are to vote on Tuesday on a motion urging the government to recognise Palestine as a state.

A Syrian refugee at a refugee camp in Zahle in the Bekaa valley, 18 November, 2014
02/12/2014 - Report: Lebanon

World Food Programme ends food vouchers for Syrian refugees

The World Food Programme (WFP) has announced that it will stop providing food vouchers for Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt.