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French President François Hollande meets with Russian leader Vladimir Putin at Moscow airport, December 6 2014
26/11/2015 - France-Russia

Hollande's grand anti-IS coalition with Russia compromised by downed jet

French President François Hollande was set to hold talks on Thursday with Russian leader Vladimir Putin to rally his support behind global efforts to forge a grand coalition against Islamic ...
Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) and French President Francois Hollande in Paris, 2 October 2015.
25/11/2015 - France

Russia key to French coalition against Islamic State group

French President Francois Hollande is dining Wednesday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the latest world leader he is meeting to try to rally support for the fight the Islamic State group in ...
Russian ambassador to France Alexander Orlov
25/11/2015 - FRANCE-Russia

Russia wants joint staff against IS with France, US and even Turkey

The Russian ambassador to France told French radio Europe 1 on Wednesday that Moscow wanted an anti-Islamic State organisation alliance with France, the United States and even Turkey.

A Rafale aircraft takes off from the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle during operations in the Mediterranean Sea, 23 November 2015.
24/11/2015 - France- Syria

France launches air strikes in Syria and Iraq from newly-deployed aircraft carrier

France launched its first air strikes against the Islamic State organisation (IS) on Monday night from its Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier.
Under fire - Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron had been criticised for saying that social conditions in France contributed to Islamist radicalisation
22/11/2015 - FRANCE

France's post-Paris attacks political truce breaks down as new elections approach

French politicians were arguing over the causes of the 13 November Paris attacks this weekend after a week of on-again/off-again political truce between the mainstream left and right.
The Charles-de-Gaulle aircraft carrier leaves Toulon on 18 November 2015
22/11/2015 - FRANCE - IRAq - SYRIa

France to step up anti-IS air strikes, top soldier warns no short-term victory

France's Charles De Gaulle aircraft carrier was to be operational in the offensive against the Islamic State (IS) armed group Monday, tripling the airforce's capacity for air strikes against the ...
At the scene of Wednessday's raid in Saint Denis
21/11/2015 - FRANCE - Belgium

New IS video threatens France as police release seven seized in St Denis raid

A new video threatening more attacks on France has been posted on sites that support the Islamic State (IS) armed group.
Belgian soldiers on the streets of Brussels Saturday
21/11/2015 - BELGIUm - FRANCE

Brussels on highest terror alert as hunt for Paris terror attacker continues

The Brussels metro was closed on Saturday as the Belgian capital was placed on the highest level of terror alert. Police believed that one of the Paris attackers, Salah Abdeslam, could be in Belgium.
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls addresses the National Assembly on 18 November 2015.
19/11/2015 - FRANCE

What does France's anti-terror state of emergency mean?

The French National Assembly has agreed to extend the state of emergency declared after last week's terror attacks in Paris until the end of February and the Senate was set to do so on Friday.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has publicly acknowledged that IS bombed a Russian airliner over Sinai last month
19/11/2015 - FRANCE - RUSSIE - SYRIA

France, Russia relations thaw as joint anti-IS drive planned

Russia's chief of general staff talked to his French counterpart about combating the Islamic State (IS) armed group by phone on Thursday in the latest move in a thaw in Paris-Moscow relations ...
Abdelhamid Abaaoud.
19/11/2015 - FRANCE

Paris attacks alleged mastermind Abaaoud declared dead

The body of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged mastermind of Friday's Paris attacks, has been identified as one of the dead in Wednesday's raid in Saint Denis on the city's outskirts, French police have ...
19/11/2015 - FRANCE

French parliament extends state of emergency after IS Paris attacks

The French parliament has voted to extend the state of emergency imposed after Friday's Paris attacks until the end of February.
French soldiers on the metro in Marseille on Sunday 15 November
19/11/2015 - France

Anti-Semitic, Islamophobic attacks in Marseille after IS Paris attacks

A Jewish schoolteacher and a Muslim woman have been attacked in the southern French city of Marseille.
French police conduct a search of a car during an identity and vehicle check at the Place de la Republique in Paris, France, November 17, 2015.
17/11/2015 - France

France recruits extra security to counter terror threat, blows budget

France will recruit 8,500 additional police and security personnel as part of new measures to counter the increased security threat to the country following last Friday's attacks.
Turkey's president Recep Erdogan
12/11/2015 - Turkey

Turkey continues press crackdown with raid on well-known opposition paper

Police have raided the offices of a leading opposition paper in Turkey, belonging to the Zaman Group.