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French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius.
20/04/2014 - France - Syria

Strong indications of chemical weapons use by Syrian regime, says Fabius

France’s Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius says there are strong indications that the Syrian regime recently used chemical weapons in the northwest of the country.

Four French journalists returned to France on Sunday after their captivity in Syria.
20/04/2014 - France - Syria

French hostages return home after nearly a year in captivity

Four French journalists held hostage in Syria arrived on French soil on Sunday. President François Hollande called it “a day of joy for France”.

Syrian asylum-seekers in Calais, France, last year
15/04/2014 - France

France asylum-seekers' system 'in crisis', report

France's system for handling asylum-seekers is "in crisis", according to a parliamentary report that highlights long-drawn-out and ineffective procedures and spending way over budget.

French scientific police in Cannes
26/03/2014 - France-Syria

French police thwart alleged Islamist attack by returning jihadist from Syria

France's counter-terrorism unit said on Wednesday it had thwarted an imminent attack by a returning jihadist from Syria, who was preparing to strike in the Southern Côte d'Azur region.

Femen leader Inna Shevchenko
14/03/2014 - France - Ukraine

Video: The body as weapon - Femen activists in their Paris HQ

"We are not here to be liked by many people," says Inna Shevchenko, the Ukrainian founder of the now world-famous women's rights group Femen. In English and French Femen's activists ...

Jihadis fighting at Aleppo airport
14/03/2014 - France - Syria - Spain - Morocco

France detains seven in crackdown on Syria jihadi networks

Four men and three women have been arrested in France suspected of helping aspiring jihadis, some of them teenagers, to go to fight against Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Signs of Société Générale, BNP Paribasand Crédit Agricole
08/03/2014 - France - US -Iran

US probes three major French banks over sanctions-busting

US finance officials have accused the French banks Société Générale, BNP Paribas and Crédit Agricole of sanctions-busting and money-laundering, sources say.

Tourists in the Wadi Rum
08/03/2014 - France - Jordan

French climbers fall to deaths in Jordan

Three French nationals have fallen to their deaths in Jordan. They were trying to climb a mountain in the Wadi Rum area in the south of the country.

A still from 14 millions de cris
08/03/2014 - France

Gayet stars in anti-forced marriage film

A French short film on forced marriages, released to coincide with International Women's Day, has caused a stir but not for the reasons you may expect.

Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria after fighting between pro- and anti-Assad camps
07/03/2014 - France - Syria

Three French men jailed for planning Syria jihad

A French court has jailed three men for trying to go and fight alongside Islamist groups in Syria. They were found guilty of plotting terrorist acts.

Lebanese President Michel Sleiman (L) and US Secretary of State John Kerry after the International Support Group for Lebanon meeting at the Elysee Palace
06/03/2014 - Lebanon - France

Paris meeting pledges aid for Lebanon as Syria refugees flow in

A summit in Paris has promised to help Lebanon with money and military equipment as the conflict in Syria drives more than a million refugees over the border.

Letelier's lawyer Thomas Klotz at the court in Paris
05/03/2014 - France

French cyber-jihadist jailed for publishing Al Qaida propaganda

A man who published Al-Qaida propaganda translated into French on the web has been sentenced to a year in prison. A Paris court found.

Islamist al-Nusra fighters outside Aleppo airport
02/03/2014 - France - Syria

French teenage girl caught heading for Syria jihad

A 14-year-old French girl is in a care home after being stopped at Lyon airport, apparently heading for Syria to wage jihad.

Morocco's King Mohamed VI
25/02/2014 - France - Morocco

Hollande phones Moroccan king to smooth diplomatic tensions

French president François Hollande telephoned Morocco's King Mohammed VI on Tuesday to smooth diplomatic relations following civil lawsuits filed in Paris on Thursday, which accused ...

UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimhas apologise for the collapse of the latest round of Syria peace talks in Geneva.
15/02/2014 - France - Syria - Switzerland

France blames Syrian regime for peace talks collapse

The French foreign minister has blamed the Syrian regime for blocking progress at talks aimed at ending the country’s three year civil war.

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