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Marine Le Pen, leader of Front National
20/11/2014 - France

Le Pen says French government hiding true number of jihadists

Front National leader Marine Le Pen says the number of French nationals who are involved in jihad activities is much higher than the French government admits.

Reprodução vídeo do  jihadista francês Maxime Hauchard.
19/11/2014 - France - Syria - Iraq

Second French national identified in IS execution video

A second Frenchman has been identified as one of the executioners featured in a video of the killing of 18 Syrian soldiers and US aid worker Peter Kassig by the Islamic State (IS) armed group.

A French national is suspected to be among the jihadists seen in the latest IS execution video that claimed the killing of US aid worker Peter Kassig (seen in picture).
17/11/2014 - FRANCE/SYRIA

Frenchman confirmed in IS execution video

Prosecutors in Paris said that a 22-year-old French national was one of the jihadists in an Islamic State video that appeared to show the beheading of Syrian soldiers and a US aid worker.

A French national is suspected to be among the jihadists seen in the latest IS execution video that claimed the killing of US aid worker Peter Kassig (seen in picture).
17/11/2014 - FRANCE - SYRIA

'French jihadist' suspected to be in IS execution video

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said there was a "strong possibility" that one of the Islamic State jihadists seen unmasked in a video claiming the execution of a US aid worker ...
Hassan Diab in Ottowa in 2011.
16/11/2014 - France - Canada - Middle East

Lebanese-Canadian charged with 1980 Paris synagogue bombing

The Canadian academic accused of the 1980 bombing of a Paris synagogue has been charged in France after being deported from Montreal.
Peter Kassig, who is believed to have been murdered by the Islamic State armed group
16/11/2014 - France - Syria - Iraq

Hollande, Valls condemn ‘barbaric’ IS killing of Kassig, Syrian soldiers

The murder of US hostage Peter Kassig and about 18 Syrian soldiers by the Islamic State (IS) armed group was a “crime against humanity”, French President François Hollande said on ...
Tear gas is fired at protesters on Istanbul's Taksim Square, next to Gezi Park
15/11/2014 - Turkey - France

French woman wins compensation for arrest during Turkey’s Gezi protests

A Turkish court this week ordered Turkey’s finance ministry to pay compensation to a young French woman detained for 14 days after fleeing police tear gas at last year’s Gezi Park ...
The scene of the bombing near the synagogue in the rue Copernic in 1980
14/11/2014 - France - Canada - Lebanon

Canada to extradite 1980 Paris synagogue bombing suspect Hassan Diab

Canada is to extradite a Lebanese-Canadian academic accused of being behind a bombing outside a Paris synagogue in 1980 to France.
Shia militia fighters combating IS in Iraq
13/11/2014 - France - Iraq

France may station fighter jets in Jordan to strike IS

France may station up to six Mirage fighter jets in Jordan to carry out air strikes on the Islamic State (IS) armed group in Iraq, officials said on Thursday.
Israeli police outside the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem
12/11/2014 - France - Middle East

French MPs to vote on recognising Palestinian state this month

The French parliament is to vote on a proposal to urge the government to recognise Palestine as a state on 28 November.
A Syrian woman with her son, who has meningitis but no drugs to treat it, in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley
12/11/2014 - Report: Lebanon

Lebanon to ignore UN policy on Syrian refugees

Lebanon has announced that it will set its own policies regarding refugees from conflict in Syria, rather than following those set by international bodies like the United Nations, which it accused of ...
Drone Predator of the US Air Force
07/11/2014 - France - Syria

French jihadist targeted by US Syria air strike

A US air raid may have killed a French jihadist in Syria on Thursday, defence officials in Washington say.
Lebanese army soldiers patrol following clashes between Lebanese soldiers and Islamist gunmen in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, 28 October 2014.
04/11/2014 - FRANCE - Saudi Arabia - Lebanon

Saudi Arabia and France sign deal to provide arms to Lebanon

Saudi Arabia and France signed an agreement on Tuesday to provide 2.4 billion euros of French military weapons to Lebanon.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi surrounded by his generals
02/11/2014 - france - mali - egypt

Crimes against journalists: Egyptian media under attack

In honour of the first anniversary of the killing of French journalists, Ghislaine Dupont and Claude Verlon, the United Nations has deemed the 2nd of November 2014, as the first International Day to ...
French President Francois Hollande (R) with Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan as he leaves the Elysée Palace in Paris
31/10/2014 - France - Turkey - Syria

Erdogan slams world’s support for Kobane, Hollande prevaricates

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lashed out at the US and its allies for paying too much attention to the Syrian town of Kobane, where Kurdish forces are fighting the Islamic State (IS) armed ...