rfi1RFI is a public service radio station for people around the world. It is the leading French radio for round-the clock international news. It provides French and foreign-language broadcasts through its offices in Paris and abroad. It has a unique network of correspondents and ten permanent bureaus abroad.
rfi2 RFI is also:

• 35.6 million regular listeners
• An average of four million visitors to the group's Internet site
•  390 hours of French and foreign language broadcasts weekly
• 60 French newscasts per day
• 164 broadcasters in 74 countries, shortwave, medium wave, cable and Internet
• 30 satellites covering five continents

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RFI3 RFI extras: RFI the talent discoverer

Each year seven prizes are given out, including the RFI Discovery prize, RFI Dance prize and the RFI Global Witness prize.

RFI is a partner for major events in France and in the world

RFI publishes records and books to prolong the news or an event

RFI is attentive to its public through the mediator and its relations with listeners service.
RFI4 RFI trains people via Talent + to teach people skills for working in radio.

RFI promotes the French language through programmes like "le Journal" in easy French and "La danse des mots" or language courses broadcast on the Internet.

RFI maintains a database of French and francophone music and provides programmes to media partners