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Les Republicain Paris region candidate Valérie Pécresse (2nd from right) surrounded by party leaders, who hope to beat the Front National in regional elections.
30/11/2015 - France

Security major issue in French regional election campaigns after Paris attacks

The 13 November terrorist attacks in Paris have put the issue of security into the campaign for the upcoming regional elections, even though regions technically have no control over security.

Marto's work in Francois Compaore's pilaged house. During the failed coup attempt there were fears fighting could break out between the presidential guard and army.
30/11/2015 - Report: Burkina Faso elections

People will hold the new government to account, whatever the result, says apolitical Ouagadougou street artist

Franco-Burkinabe illustrator and artist Marto has been wryly watching from the sidelines over the past year as Burkina Faso was rocked by a popular uprising, failed coup attempt and landmark ...
French President François Hollande (centre) and foreign minister Laurent Fabius (left) with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the COP21 summit on Monday.
30/11/2015 - France - COP21

Climate deal success within reach, says Fabius

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, who is presiding over the 12-day, 195-nation UN climate conference in Paris, said a climate rescue deal that has remained elusive for the past two decades ...
French foreign minister Laurent Fabius says no to working with the Syrian army under Basher al-Assad.
30/11/2015 - France - Syria

Fabius rules out working with Syrian army under Assad

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius has dismissed the possibility of working with the Syrian army to fight the Islamic State armed group until President Bashar al-Assad was in power.

French President François Hollande (centre), UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and France's environment minister Ségolène Royal at the opening of the COP21 summit at Le Bourget on Monday.
30/11/2015 - France - COP21

World leaders gather in Paris as COP21 gets underway

The United Nations climate change conference or COP21 summit kicked off on Monday at Le Bourget in northern Paris with about 150 world leaders aiming to reach an agreement to stave off catastrophic ...

African press review 30 November 2015

UN Secretary-General Ban-ki Moon wants to send more peacekeepers to South Sudan.

French press review 30 November 2015

One single story . . . today's opening of the heads of state at the UN Climate Conference . . . dominates every French front page this morning.
30/11/2015 - Report: Burkina Faso elections

Burkina Faso concludes well organised elections despite minor logistical problems

Turnout was high in Burkina Faso’s landmark elections on Sunday, according to the electoral commission.
Andy Murray hoists the Davis Cup after becoming the first player since Pete Sampras in 1995 to win three matches in a Davis Cup final.
29/11/2015 - tennis

Britain beat Belgium to claim Davis Cup

It was billed as Belgium v Andy Murray. Murray won. And 37 years after losing the final against the United States, Britain has claimed the Davis Cup for the 10th time in its 115 year history.
Climate change activists on Sunday's demonstration in Paris
29/11/2015 - France

Activists demand climate change action at Cop21 on tense Paris streets

Thousands of environmental activists from all over the world joined hands in a line across Paris Sunday in defiance of a ban on a climate demonstration following the 13 November terrorist attacks.
Word Bank president Jim Yong Kim
29/11/2015 - France - Africa

World Bank demands climate justice for Africa at Cop21

The Cop21 conference in Paris is crunch time for world leaders to reach a binding climate deal that would halt climate change and stop what scientists call a collision course with nature.
Demonstrators clash with CRS riot policemen near the Place de la Republique
29/11/2015 - FRANCE

Paris police arrest 100 in clashes after Cop21 climate change protest

Paris police fired teargas at demonstrators pelting them with bottles in protest at the ban on demonstrations following the 13 November attacks in the French capital on Sunday.