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24/10/2014 - FRANCE - US

French Academy of Science award winner on need to protect scientists

The French Academy of Science has awarded its top prize to Joel Lebowitz, a professor of physics and mathematics at Rutgers University, for his work on statistical physics.
A Roma woman and child.
23/10/2014 - CZECH REPUBLIC

Forcibly sterilised Roma women to be compensated by Czech government

Between 1971 and 1989, up to 90 thousand Roma women in former Czechoslovakia were sterilised. The government has apologized, but until this point has offered little else.

French riot police of the force out immigrants who were hidden in a truck.
23/10/2014 - FRANCE

Police reinforcements sent to Calais to quell migrant violence

France is sending police reinforcements to the port of Calais, where illegal migrants trying to reach Britain are "causing havoc", said the country’s interior minister Bernard ...
The Picasso museum will reopen in October after five years of renovation
23/10/2014 - FRANCE

After years of controversy, Picasso museum in Paris is set to finally reopen

An over-budget, controversy-riddled reopening of Paris's Picasso museum is planned for Saturday, amid the fallout from a 71 million euro renovation.

Neanderthal DNA extraction
23/10/2014 - FRANCE

Scientists discover oldest human DNA, linking us to Neanderthals

Scientists say they have unravelled the oldest DNA ever retrieved from a Homo sapiens bone, shedding light on human colonisation of the planet.


French press review 23 October 2014

France's socialists are not a happy lot. Three of this morning's papers give pride of place to the ruling party, and two of the headlines use the word "crisis".