Last modification: 27/07/11
Independence for South Sudan

Crowds danced in the streets and world leaders headed for Juba ahead of South Sudan’s independence ceremony on 9 July 2011. Ninety-nine per cent of voters backed separation from Sudan in a referendum on January, paving the way for the creation of the world’s 196th nation-state.

08/02/2011 - South Sudan

South Sudan votes for independence

South Sudan announced its official results on the referendum, showing that 98.83 per cent voted for secession. The results were revealed at a lavish ceremony in Khartoum.

24/04/2011 - South Sudan

At least 55 militiamen killed in South Sudan clashes

Clashes between South Sudan's army and rebel militiamen killed at least 55 people, a government official said Sunday.
07/03/2011 - Sudan

South Sudanese troops clash with militias

At least 92 people have been killed in clashes between South Sudanese troops and two rebel militias

15/02/2011 - Sudan

South Sudan clash death toll doubles

Clashes between the south Sudanese army and rebels killed 201 people last week in Jonglei state, southern authorities announced Tuesday. The death toll is twice as high as previously announced.

09/02/2011 - South Sudan

South Sudan in mourning for murdered minister

South Sudan has declared three days of mourning after a government minister was shot dead on Wednesday morning.