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Pele in Paris on Monday
11/03/2014 - France - Brazil

Pele predicts Brazil World Cup success as trophy visits Paris

After two days on display at Paris's town hall the World Cup trophy has left France, accompanied by world-famous Brazilian footballer Pele, to continue its 90-day tour of participating countries ...

The Huez ski station in the Alps
08/03/2014 - France

Traffic hell for France's ski-resort holiday-makers

There were traffic jams on 231 kilometres of France's roads at midday Saturday as some holidaymakers headed for ski resorts, while others headed home.

Tourists in the Wadi Rum
08/03/2014 - France - Jordan

French climbers fall to deaths in Jordan

Three French nationals have fallen to their deaths in Jordan. They were trying to climb a mountain in the Wadi Rum area in the south of the country.

An instructor from the Ecole de Ski Français (ESF) with pupils
03/03/2014 - France - UK

London mayor slams "shameful" French action against British ski instructor

The arrest of a British ski instructor in the Alps in February has put the spotlight on French laws concerning ski instructors and led to accusations that the rules are aimed at protecting jobs ...

Nicolas Anelka makes the quenelle gesture to celebrate his goal, 28 december, 2013
25/02/2014 - France - UK

French striker Anelka's disciplinary hearing held at undisclosed location

French footballer Nicolas Anelka's disciplinary hearing over his controversial 'quenelle' gesture starts on Tuesday at an undisclosed location, according to England's governing Football ...

Schumacher's father Rolf and his brother Ralf in Grenoble last month
17/02/2014 - France

French prosecutors rule out legal action over Schumacher ski accident

Michael Schumacher's skiing accident was not due to safety breaches by the French Alps ski station or faulty material, French prosecutors announced

Renaud Lavillénie celebrates breaking the world record for pole vault, which had stood for 21 years.
16/02/2014 - France

French pole vaulter breaks 21-year old world record

Frenchman Renaud Lavillénie has broken the world record for pole vault, setting a new height of 6.16 metres and breaking one of the longest-standing records in athletics.

Fireworks over the Olympic Park during the opening ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics
08/02/2014 - France - Russia

Sochi Olympics help Russian human rights, French minister

French President François Hollande was among the many heads of state who refused to attend Friday's opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics due to what they view as Russia's dubious ...

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