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Abdoulaye Wade

French press review 19 December 2015

Did money paid to let Russian athletes get away with cheating end up financing the Senegalese opposition presidential campaign in 2012?
Senegalese Karim Wade's arrest divides the nation
06/05/2013 - International report

Senegalese Karim Wade's arrest divides the nation

In Senegal, the arrest of Karim Wade, son of the former president, Abdoulaye Wade, continues to divide the nation.
Chad's former dictator Habré to face trial
26/01/2013 - African news explained

Chad's former dictator Habré to face trial

RFI has been told the trial of Chad’s former dictator,Hissene Habré, will start this year, possibly as soon as April.

African press review 24 January 2013

Eighty witnesses are waiting to give evidence against four Kenyans at the ICC and they won't be returning to their homeland. Miniskirts are banned from Kenyan courts, for lawyers, at least.
01/07/2012 - Senegal

Voters head to polls in Senegal parliamentary elections

Senegal lined up to vote in the parliamentary elections on Sunday, with hopes to bring in a majority for President Macky Sall’s government.
18/04/2012 - France - Senegal

Sarkozy and Sall sign defence and aid deals for Senegal

France has signed defence and aid deals with Senegal’s newly elected President Macky Sall, who visited Paris on Wednesday.

African press review 3 April 2012

The on-going crisis in Mali is still very much in the news, but it is not the only big story.

27/03/2012 - Senegal

Official results show sweeping win for Sall in Senegal election

Official results from Senegal's election show Macky Sall won with 65.8 per cent, a crushing victory over outgoing president Abdoulaye Wade who trailed with 34.2 per cent.


African press review 27 March 2012

Pride of place goes to Senegal this morning, where the daily newspapers are still struggling to deal with the reality of life after Abdoulaye Wade.


French press review 27 March 2012

Senegal's new president, President Nicolas Sarkozy's bank balance and why the Dutch are so happy grab the headlines in the French newspapers.