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Manon Serrano during the court case last December
10/02/2015 - France

French families awarded almost two million euros 20 years after babies switched at birth

Two French families whose babies were switched at birth have been awarded nearly two million euros in compensation for the blunder.
The boy's father was in prison when he was born and was unaware of his existence
26/11/2014 - France

French father’s bid to win custody of adopted son fails

A French appeals court has refused a young father's request to have his son taken from an adoptive family and handed over to his custody.
Former family minister Dominique Bertinotti, whose first draft of the law was dropped
11/06/2014 - France

French government resubmits controversial family law

France's government said on Tuesday it would reopen parliamentary debates next week over a controversial family law that was suspended last month.
Supporters of gay marriage stage a fake marriage before the law was passed
02/05/2014 - France

French court blocks lesbian adoption of MAP babies

A French court has refused to allow two lesbians to officially adopt babies born to their partners by medically assisted procreation (MAP).
Emilie Lelouche, Eric Breteau during their trial in Chad,  21 Decembre 2007.
14/02/2014 - France - Chad

French NGO leaders sentences reduced in Darfur orphans scam

Two French NGO leaders were given suspended jail sentences for trying to to smuggle 103 Chadian children to France in 2007 on Friday.
Manif Pour Tous, Paris, 2 February 2014.
03/02/2014 - Analysis:France

Analysis: Worries grow over protests and divisions in France

The day after major demonstrations in Paris and Lyon, by the Manif Pour Tous movement Interior minister Manuel Valls appeared keen to reassure protestors.

France has suspended adoptions of children from the Central African Republic
18/01/2014 - France - Central African Republic

France suspends adoptions of children from Central African Republic

France has suspended adoptions of children from the Central African Republic, saying the ongoing violence and instability could jeopardise the children’s welfare.

Sperm bank, reproductive biology laboratory, University Hospital of Rouen, France
07/11/2013 - France

France reports drop in sperm donors

Sperm donations in France have decreased significantly in recent years and new figures from the National Agency for Biomedicine are likely to show a further drop.

Lesbian family with its children
02/07/2013 - France

Debate on medically assisted procreation pushed back to 2014

 France’s public debate on medically assisted procreation is now been pushed to early 2014.

Russian President Vladimir Putin
21/06/2013 - Russia - France

Russia bans foreign same-sex adoption

Russian MPs have passed tough restrictions on foreign adoptions in countries where same-sex marriages are legal – a move announced as France discussed its controversial gay marriage law.