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African press review

African press review 12 February 2016

South African president Jacob Zuma had to wait a while for Julius Malema and his Economic Freedom Fighters to stop chanting, but Zuma did get to deliver his State of the Nation address last night.

African press review 11 February 2016

Just how easy is it to impeach a South African president? The opposition Economic Freedom Fighters say they intend to find out.

African press review 10 February 2016

Ugandan police have been stocking up on the anti-riot gear, which might be a bit worrying with presidential elections just around the corner.

African press review 9 February 2016

The African press is talking about Zika this morning and its consequences when it comes to the Olympic.

African press review 8 February 2016

In today's African press review, Egypt sees red over a presidential carpet, scientists think the Zika virus won't be threatning Africa anytime soon and the South African government hopes for more ...

African press review 6 February 2016

Today's African press review is filled with strange stories: from a man being mysteriously sucked out of a plane in Somalia, to the Nigerian president going to see his doctors in London.

African press review 5 February 2016

Today's African press review takes a look at the future of aid workers in South Sudan as well as a fraud scandal in Nigeria. Plus, Ugandan President Museveni skips a TV debate, again.


African press review 4 February 2016

Suspended South African Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega says she's the victim of a witch hunt over her role in the 2012 Marikana massacre.

African press review 3 February 2016

South Africa's national police commissioner could face charges in connection with the 2012 Marikana killings. The World Bank warns that drought could push thousands of southern Africans into poverty.

African press review 2 February 2016

South Sudan government troops stand accused of killing 50 people by stuffing them into a shipping container in baking heat.