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African press review

African press review 19 December 2014

Boko Haram kidnaps more women and children, as Nigeria's security services struggle to contain the Islamist insurgency. And - Live on TV!

African press review 18 December 2014

Must Scott go? Will Boko Haram attack the emir of Kano? How did a snake embarrass a deputy governor? Can Kenyan parties agree on anti-terror law? Wll the rouble's troubles destabilise South Africa?

African press review 17 December 2014

Controversy over freedom and fighting political violence continues in Kenya. Malema calls for land occupation. Developing ecnomies lose 900 billion euros in hidden capital transfers.

African press review 16 December 2014

Nigerian motorists queue for petrol as oilworkers strike. Nobody opposes Malema in the Economic Freedom Fighters leadership election. Conflict in South Sudan has cost thousands of lives.

African press review 15 December 2014

Police investigate the origin of an Improvised Explosive Device that was found on the roadside in a suburb of Nairobi.

African press review 12 December 2014

Kenyan politicians argueover how to fight political violence. Kenya's government opposes an ICC police force. SA struggles to stop the lights going out.

African press review 11 December 2014

Mugabe picks his new V-Ps and claims someone has triedto kill one of them already. All South Africa's languages are equal but some are mor equal than others.

African press review 10 December 2014

Is Zimbabwe becoming a monarchy? Kenyan police deny running a murder programme as the country gets its own Patriot Act. Tutu will miss a Nobel peace get-together for health reasons.

African press review 9 December 2014

The Uganda child torture case, power cuts in South Africa, what type of government for DRC? It's all in today's African papers ..


African press review 8 December 2014

Diamonds and land in Zimbabwe, the economy in South Africa, teachers in Kenya and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt - all in today's papers around the continent...