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African press review

African press review 18 April 2015

Xenophobia continues to make front-page news in South Africa, Kenya's president shakes up the army and the cabinet, the UN Security Council is worried about Burundi and another United Nations agency ...

African press review 17 April 2015

The South African president addresses parliament on the subject of xenophobic attacks, the governor of Nairobi faces eight hours of questioning on alleged financial misdeeds, while another Kenyan MP ...

African press review 16 April 2015

The South African press is embarrassed by a wave of xenophobic attacks against foreigners in the country.


African press review 15 April 2015

Prayers, processions and protests for Nigeria's Chibok girls, as President-elect Muhammadu Buhari lays out his agenda to fight Boko Haram terrorism and militancy in a high profile New York Times ...

African press review 14 April 2015

The Nigerian press marks a day of remembrance for the missing Chibok girls, one year after their abduction from their boarding school by Boko Haram.

African press review 13 April 2015

The Nigerian press is in a race against time as gubernatorial election results spring surprises in key states, with the president-elect's party poised for a massive win.

African press review 11 April 2015

Queen Victoria goes green in Port Elizabeth, as the US and South Africa fight a chicken war. Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan continue to make progress on the Renaissance Dam project.

African press review 10 April 2015

Cecil John Rhodes is finally dragged off the Cape Town University campus. Robert Mugabe promises to improve Zimbabwe's infrastructure.

African press review 9 April 2015

Cape Town University decides to dump colonial symbol Cecil John Rhodes. Robert Mugabe gets the star treatment on his visit to South Africa, but why is he there?

African press review 8 April 2015

France and South Africa decide to resuscitate a decade-old trade agreement; Cape Town University is today going to decide the fate of Cecil John Rhodes; Robert Mugabe visits South Africa for the ...