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African press review

African press review 28 August 2015

Kenya continues to fight corruption, firearms and explosives are seized near Garissa County's livestock market, South African judges clash with ANC MPs and in Nigeria Buhari is accused of bias in ...

African press review 27 August 2015

The Kenyan media has once again extensively covered the achievements of its athletes at the World Athletics Championship in Beijing.

African press review 26 August 2015

The Kenyan press is dominated by the glittering achievements of the country’s athletes at the world athletics championship in Beijing.

African press review 25 August 2015

Nigeria's new leader says judicial bottlenecks are obstructing the fight against corruption; opposition senators are against a graft probe of previous government officials; and a Nigerian judge faces ...

African press review 24 August 2015

The Nigerian press is gloomy about the devastating effects of falling oil prices; Zimbabwe opens up a dialogue to tackle problems of bogus teachers and tycoons feeding fat on schools; and a Ugandan ...

African press review 22 August 2015

Banking in Nigeria takes a hit from endemic insecurity.

African press review 21 August 2015

Crime, shock and the secret to the fountain of youth make the headlines of the African press, as Kenyan police make a breakthrough in April's Garissa attack.

African press review 20 August 2015

Accusations of sectarianism, suicidal ministers and a couple who prove that love isn't blind, are some of the stories topping the African papers.

African press review 19 August 2015

Giving your legs a climb, walk or a jump can boost your brain power, resuscitate you or help you find criminals, some of Africa's papers reveal.

African press review 18 August 2015

Modern-day Moses figures in Uganda and high priests in Kenya, biblical references dominate the African press.