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African press review 23 October 2013

Madagascar prepares for a presidential poll in which half the country can't vote. SA's crime intelligence boss is suspended. Kenyan journalists fear censorship is in the pipeline.
Dispute over Abyei vote continues
20/10/2013 - African news explained

Dispute over Abyei vote continues

South Sudan insists a controversial referendum on Abyei must be held this month. But observers say the vote is unlikely to go ahead.
Abyei referendum voter registration struggles to start
19/10/2013 - African news explained

Abyei referendum voter registration struggles to start

South Sudan has asked the African Union to hold an extraordinary summit on Abyei region. Abyei residents are supposed to vote this month on whether to stay in Sudan or to join South Sudan.

African press review 16 October 2013

SA's front pages ignore Hollande's visit. But papers there do have space for a rugby kicking tally. Zambia issued arrest warrants for missing football players.

African press review 15 October 2013

François Hollande in South Africa, and the AU's decision to try to protect serving heads of state from prosecution are two of the stories covered in today's papers ..

UN to decide on AU request to defer Kenya leaders' ICC trials
15/10/2013 - African news explained

UN to decide on AU request to defer Kenya leaders' ICC trials

In the wake of the African Union's decision on Saturday to seek a postponement in the trial of Kenya's president and vice-president before the International Criminal Court, all eyes are now turning ...

African press review 14 October 2013

Attempts to stop Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta's trial at the ICC and Zimbabwe's indigenisation policy are among today's subjects ...

AU, UN to step up fight against al-Shebab
26/09/2013 - African news explained

AU, UN to step up fight against al-Shebab

The African Union and United Nations have vowed to step up their fight against the hardline Islamist group, al-Shebab, in light of the recent Nairobi mall attack.
An Ethiopian military aircraft carrying ammunition crash-landed at Mogadishu's international airport, 9 August
09/08/2013 - Report: Somalia

Somalia government shuts down Mogadishu airport after plane crash

An Ethiopian military cargo plane crashed at Mogadishu International Airport in Somalia on Friday, sending plumes of dark smoke into the air and killing four.

The birth of nations
29/06/2013 - The Sound Kitchen

The birth of nations

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