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African Union
06/01/2013 - France - Central African Republic

Central African Republic rebels repeat call for president to step down ahead of peace talks

Rebels in the Central African Republic have repeated their demands that any peace deal must include President François Bozizé stepping down.


French press review 02 January 2013

Despite the optimism and hopes of a fresh start, French newspapers remind us that 2013 will be another year of challenges and tough decisions for the country and President François Hollande.

French press review 01 January 2013

The French newspapers are practically all on holiday this morning.
Time running out to decide fate of disputed oil-producing Abyei region
29/11/2012 - African news explained

Time running out to decide fate of disputed oil-producing Abyei region

Sudan and South Sudan have until 5 December, a deadline set by the African Union, to resolve the final status of the flashpoint region of Abyei.

African press review 13 November 2012

This African press review focuses on the murder of over 40 Kenyan policemen, the release of Mombasa Republican Council leader Omar Mwamnuadzi and accusations of discriminatory conduct against leading ...
Who was behind Somali parliament bomb attack?
09/11/2012 - African news explained

Who was behind Somali parliament bomb attack?

The African Union, which has sent the Amisom peacekeeping force to Somalia says it is in favour of lifting an arms embargo on the country. But the UN Security Council has so far said no.
26/10/2012 - Report: Uganda

Africa could feed itself, says World Bank

The World Bank has said that Africa’s farmers have the potential to grow enough food to feed the continent and avoid future food crises if countries remove cross-border restrictions on the food ...
25/10/2012 - France - Mali

African Union readmits Mali, backs plan to defeat armed Islamists in north

The African Union has readmitted Mali after suspending it from the pan-African bloc following a March coup.

13/10/2012 - Mali - UN - France

No rush to intervene in Mali despite UN resolution

The planned west African intervention force in Mali is not expected to be there before the end of the year, despite the UN Security Council passing a French resolution calling for a plan to set it ...

African press review 2 October 2012

The latest developments in Kismayo in Somalia and fake mobile phones in Kenya are among the stories covered in today's African papers..