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African Union

African press review 11 July 2012

Egypt's power struggle continues. What will Hillary Clinton have to say on her visit this weekend? Have Uganda's PM and president fallen out? Has someone been fiddling Kenya's statistics?

African press review 10 July 2012

Cairo's stock exchange doesn't like the Egyptian president's confrontation with the military. Controversy continues over the deaths of two Nigerian politicians at a funeral.

African press review 9 July 2012

Egypt's military squares up to the president. South Africa has its eye on the AU presidency. There's controversy over deaths at a Nigerian funeral. 


African press review 5 July 2012

More on the African Court of Justice, Kenya's cancelled oil deal with Iran and teachers in Uganda who say no to jobs in rural schools...


African press review 28 June 2012

ANC conference delegates don't like the look of a "second transition" - so what do they think of Jacob Zuma? Meet the SA businessman who thinks that 900,000 euros is petty cash.
Who cares about the African Union?
27/06/2012 - International report

Who cares about the African Union?

The establishment of the African Union in 2000 was hailed as an opportunity to bring dreams of a common African currency, foreign policy, defence structure and economic programme closer to reality ...
17/06/2012 - Report: Somalia

Somali soldier injured by suicide bomber in Afgoye

A suicide bomber and member of jihadist group Al-Shebab rammed a car laden with explosives into the front gate of a government base in Afgoye, a town thirty kilometers away from Mogadishu.

Can north Mali become an independent state?
01/06/2012 - African news explained

Can north Mali become an independent state?

The African Union has called for the creation of a UN-backed force to intervene in Mali where Islamist militants and Tuareg rebels declared independence in the north.
30/05/2012 - Report: Somalia

Somali, AU forces repel Al-Shebab attack on president

Heavily armed Al-Shebab fighters ambushed Somalia President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Tuesday while he was on a surprise visit to Afgoye town, where pro-government forces have been fighting the Islamist ...
25/05/2012 - Report: Somalia

Somalia reaches agreement on ending transition period

Somali leaders, meeting in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa over the last three days, have finally agreed to end the political transition process and set a date for the creation of a parliament ...