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Haile Selassie, Ethiopian emperor and "elect of God", died 40 years ago
27/08/2015 - Ethiopia

Lion of Judah or pro-Western dictator? Haile Selasse still debated 40 years after his death

On 27 August 1975 a French reporter phoned the Ethiopian imperial palace, which had been overrun by Marxist army officers the previous year. Haile Selassie I came to the phone.

African press review 20 June 2015

Did President Jacob Zuma and ministers plot Sudan's Omar al-Bashir's escape?

African press review 19 June 2015

Spend thrifts in Nigeria shiver as President Buhari places half of the presidential fleet on sale.

African press review 18 June 2015

No easy way out of the ICC for South Africa after Omar al -Beshir fiasco.

African press review 17 June 2015

A constitutional crisis looms in South Africa as the executive, parliament and judiciary braze for a fight over the country's ICC statute after Pretoria allowed Sudan's Omar al -Beshir to flee ...

African press review 16 June 2015

An update on the whereabouts of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who did not spend the night in a South African jail.

African press review 15 June 2015

Will South Africa have the political courage to arrest Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and hand him over to the International Criminal Court? Probably not.

African press review 13 June 2015

There's a promise on company tax and mining royalties from South Africa's finance minister in today's papers, Standard & Poor's says the South African economic outlook is stable, African editors ...

African press review 12 June 2015

Things are not getting any easier for the collapsed African Bank. If South African President Jacob Zuma thinks we're going to forget about those security upgrades at Nkandla, he's wrong.

African press review 11 June 2015

President Buhari of Nigeria eager to turn Lake Chad Basin summit into anti-Boko Haram war machine, as press piles pressure on him to move out and change the old ways of politicians.