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Air strikes
Shia militia fighters combating IS in Iraq
13/11/2014 - France - Iraq

France may station fighter jets in Jordan to strike IS

France may station up to six Mirage fighter jets in Jordan to carry out air strikes on the Islamic State (IS) armed group in Iraq, officials said on Thursday.
President François Hollande at his press conference on Thursday
19/09/2014 - France - US - Iraq

Obama welcomes French decision to join Iraq air strikes

US President Barack Obama on Thursday welcomed France’s decision to take part in air strikes against the Islamic State armed group in Iraq as Washington tries to win allies to fight the ...
An Israeli military birgade in Gaza on July 12, 2014.
13/07/2014 - France - Israel - Gaza

France demands Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire

France called on Israel to show restraint in its military campaign in the Gaza Strip on Sunday after six days of air strikes have claimed 165 lives and injured more than 1,000.

UN, new prime minister, new cabinet - new hope for Somalia?
28/01/2014 - African news explained

UN, new prime minister, new cabinet - new hope for Somalia?

In Somalia, the US military carried out a missile strike on Sunday against a suspected militant leader with ties to the al-Shebab group.
Pakistani family confront US government over drones
30/10/2013 - World news explained

Pakistani family confront US government over drones

A Pakistani family has confronted the US governement in Congress yesterday over the death of a 67-year-old grandmother killed in a US drone attack.
Al-Shebab fighters
29/10/2013 - Report: Somalia

US drone kills two al-Shebab members, eyewitnesses

A suspected US military drone strike has killed two senior al-Shebab fighters near the southern Somalia town of Jilib, officials and witnesses said.

Putin says he wants concrete proof before deciding on Syria
05/09/2013 - World news explained

Putin says he wants concrete proof before deciding on Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he has not ruled out support for a strike on Syria, but has warned the West against taking action without UN Security Council backing.
Israel carried out its second air strike in days on Syria early on Sunday, a Western intelligence source said, in an attack that shook Damascus with a series of powerful blasts and drove columns of fire into the night sky.
07/05/2013 - Report: Syria - Israel

Syria vows to punish Israel for presumed role in airstrike

An anonymous official affiliated to the Syrian government told AFP news agency in Beirut yesterday that the regime will “choose the moment” to hit back at Israel, presumed by Syria to be ...
05/05/2013 - Report: Syria

Two strikes target weapons inside Syria

US and anonymous Israeli officials on Saturday opened up to media sources regarding a suspected Israeli airstrike inside Syria on Friday morning.

16/04/2013 - Report: Israel - Palestinian territories

Israel's military closes Gaza war rights abuse probe

The Israeli military's Military Advocate General has closed its probe into 65 allegations of misconduct during the November Gaza war.