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French soliders search the scene of the crash
01/04/2015 - France - Germany - Spain

French police call for video of Germanwings crash to be handed over

French police have appealed to anyone who has video of the Germanwings A320 crash to hand it over after French magazine Paris-Match and Germany's Bild claimed to have viewed one showing the passengers crying "My God" as the plane plummeted to the ground

A French investigator stands in front of a map showing the crash site of a Germanwings Airbus A320 near Seynes-les-Alpes
31/03/2015 - France - Germany

Insurers set aside millions as Germanwings crash site search continues

Insurers have put aside 279 million euros in provisions for last week's Germanwings A320 crash.
German prosecutors believe that Andreas Lubitz hid an illness from his airline.
28/03/2015 - France/Germany

Personality of crash co-pilot not the only serious lead, says French investigator

Police chief Jean-Pierre Michel said on Saturday that the personality of Andreas Lubitz, who is suspected of deliberately crashing the Germanwings passenger jet into the Alps, is a “serious ...
Germanwings Airbus A320 copilot Andreas Lubitz from his Facebook page
27/03/2015 - FRANCE

German police take evidence from A320 crash copilot's home

German police seized on Friday a number of items at the homes of Andreas Lubitz the copilot who appears to have deiberately crashed the Germanwings A320 flight in the French Alps on Tuesday.

Grieving families of the victims
26/03/2015 - France, Germany, Spain

Germanwings A320 crashed deliberately, investigators

The Germanwings A320 was deliberately crashed said the French chief of the investigation though he added that "at this moment there is no indication this crash is an act of ...
French gendarmerie helicopter flies over crash site
26/03/2015 - France

Germanwings A320 crash: pilot locked out of cockpit

The pilot on the Germanwings flight that crashed in the French Alps was locked out of the cockpit before the plane went down, killing 150 people, a source close to the investigation said on ...
Debris of the Germanwings A320 scattered on the mountainside
25/03/2015 - FRANCE

Germanwings A320 crash probe 'not focusing on terrorism'

French investigators into the Germanwings A320 air crash in the French Alps are not focussing on terrorism as an explanation, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on Wednesday.

A GermanWings Airbus A320
24/03/2015 - France - Spain

Spain's Felipe cuts short French visit after fatal plane crash

King Felipe VI of Spain announced on Monday that he is cutting short his state visit to France because of the plane crash in which many Spaniards are thought to have died.

The site of the crash is not easily accessible by road.
24/03/2015 - France - Spain - Germany

Survivors from GermanWings crash in French Alps 'unlikely'.

None of the 148 passengers and crew aboard the GermanWings Airbus A320 which crashed in the French Alps on Monday morning is likely to have survived.

Skiers in the French Alps
12/03/2015 - France

Polish skier nearly loses hand after being clipped by plane in French Alps

A Polish skier nearly lost her hand when a light aircraft hit her during an emergency landing in the French Alps on Thursday. The plane narrowly missed a group of children.