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Zalmai Rassoul
17/03/2014 - Afghanistan presidential election 2014 - the candidates

Zalmai Rassoul - the cosmopolitan candidate

Zalmai Rassoul, 70, former head of National Security Council, resigned foreign affairs minister to run.

Mohammad Daud Sultanzoy
17/03/2014 - Afghanistan presidential election 2014 - the candidates

Mohammad Daud Sultanzoy - talks show host picks political fight

Mohammad Daud Sultanzoy, 61, is a Pahstun from the Ghilzai tribe. A former pilot and TV talk-show host, he was an MP for Ghazni province in 2005.

Abdullah Abdullah signs the register of 2014 presidential candidates
17/03/2014 - Afghanistan presidential election 2014 - the candidates

Abdullah Abdullah - 2009 runner-up back in fray

Abdullah Abdullah, 54, was the runner-up in the 2009 presidential election with 30.5 per cent of the votes. After alleging fraud he bowed out of the race, thus avoiding a second round.

Who will succeed Hamid Karzai? Afghanistan's 2014 election signals the end of an era
13/03/2014 - Afghanistan presidential election 2014

Afghan presidential election 2014 - your questions answered

Who's in with a chance of winning Afghanistan's 2014 presidential election? Will voters be safe? Will it be free and fair? Will it be over when it's over?

Resitance fighter, concentration camp survivor, peace campaigner Germaine Tillion
20/02/2014 - France

Hollande to name two women resistants for France's gender-imbalanced Pantheon

French President François Hollande is to announce the transfer to the Pantheon of the remains of four victims of the Nazi occupation in World War II, according to reports.

Michelle Obama, François Hollande and Barack Obama at the White House dinner on Tuesday
12/02/2014 - Analysis: France - US

New best friends? Hollande White House visit seals change in France-US relations

As has been widely remarked, François Hollande travelled to the US alone this week.

Manif Pour Tous, Paris, 2 February 2014.
03/02/2014 - Analysis:France

Analysis: Worries grow over protests and divisions in France

The day after major demonstrations in Paris and Lyon, by the Manif Pour Tous movement Interior minister Manuel Valls appeared keen to reassure protestors.

Part of the crowd on Sunday's Manif pour Tous demonstration in Paris
02/02/2014 - Analysis: France

French right on offensive against 'familyphobe' Hollande government

France's anti-gay marriage campaigners hoped to revive their movement on Sunday with a demonstration against two measures the government is not proposing and a theory that does not exist.

French Education Minister Vincent Peillon
29/01/2014 - France

French schools face boycott over 'gender theory' scare

The French government is fighting to break a school boycott by parents convinced that their children are being taught masturbation and a non-existent "gender theory" as part of an effort ...

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - Marcelle Lender dansant le boléro dans Chilpéric  (1895-1896)
24/01/2014 - France

Art exhibitions in Paris, February-September 2014

The nymphs and courtiers of Watteau and Fragonard and the caustic graphics of Gustave Doré form quite a contrast on Paris’s art scene this season.