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Ekmeleddin Mehmet Ihsanoglu
01/08/2014 - Explainer: Turkey presidential election 2014

Turkey's presidential candidates: Ekmeleddin Mehmet Ihsanoglu

Ekmeleddin Mehmet Ihsanoglu is not a politician but an academic and diplomat, who has headed the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation for the past nine years.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses an election rally
01/08/2014 - Explainer: Turkey presidential election 2014

Turkey’s presidential candidates - Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Recep Tayyip Erdogan ends more than 10 years as prime minister with an impressive level of support, despite vocal opposition in some quarters.
A pro-Erdogan rally in Diyarbakir, south-east Turkey
31/07/2014 - Analysis: Turkey presidential election 2014

Erdogan defends Islamic AKP’s pro-business record in Turkey’s presidential election

Turkey’s current Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan hopes to change job in the first-ever direct election of the country’s president this month. After last year’s opposition protest, will the majority of Turks endorse the pro-business policies of his Islamic AKP party?

Nicolas Sarkozy, TF1, Wednesday 02 July
03/07/2014 - Explainer: France

Sarkozy claims magistrates out to get him in pugnacious TV comeback

Sarkozy is back. Not in the way he had envisaged, not at a time of his choosing, but totally back.

Andrés Iniesta in 2011
12/06/2014 - Brazil World Cup 2014 player portraits

Will Iniesta’s skill save Spain’s place in the World Cup sun?

Andres Iniesta is acknowledged as one of the greatest players of his generation.
Lionel Messi playing for Dan wasan Barcelona with Cristiano Ronaldo playing for Real Madrid
12/06/2014 - Brazil World Cup 2014 player portraits

Can Messi win his place among the football giants?

Is Lionel Messi the Mozart of modern football? And can he make beautiful music for Argentina in the Brazil World Cup? If he does, the little man will have a place among the soccer giants.

Cristiano Ronaldo in April
12/06/2014 - Brazil World Cup 2014 player portraits

What makes Ronaldo so good?

Ronaldo has struggled to the top of world football from humbl origins in Madeira. With him onside can Portugal hope to win the 2014 World Cup?

With friends like these ...Jean-François Copé (L) Alain Juppé (C) François Fillon (R)
10/06/2014 - Explainer: France

Sarkozy comeback looms over UMP crisis meeting

Sarkozy seems set to shave but will not ride a white horse.

06/06/2014 - Analysis: Brazil World Cup 2014

Football-crazy Brazil hosts World Cup at last - amid protests, strikes and controversy

Brazil's long love affair with football is consummated with the hosting of the 2014 World Cup.  But protests and strikes seem to show the romance turning sour. 

French President François Hollande promises to cut costs with his territorial reform
05/06/2014 - Explainer: France

Hollande redraws France’s regions – what will it mean?

President François Hollande is to redraw the administrative map of France.