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Brigitte Bardot. File 1968.
29/09/2014 - France

Brigitte Bardot celebrates 80th birthday in Saint-Tropez

Cinema icon Brigitte Bardot celebrated her 80th birthday in private on Sunday at her French Riviera house.

Inside a massive dairy farm, rotating giant milking platter where cows are held.
15/09/2014 - France

Protests against giant dairy farm intensify in northern France

Protests over 1,000-cow factory are intensifying in northern France where opponents from diverse background are now rallying. 

French farmers protest at the re introduction of bears and wolves
10/07/2014 - France

France eases law on farmers killing wolves

The French parliament has passed a law relaxing the rules about farmers killing wolves in France.

Preserving wildlife in Zimbabwe
17/06/2014 - International report

Preserving wildlife in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's attempts to preserve wildlife has seen the development of conservancies in various parts of the country including some that made it possible to get wild animals right into the cities.
The gentle giants of Rwanda
07/06/2014 - The Sound Kitchen

The gentle giants of Rwanda

This week on The Sound Kitchen you’ll hear the answer to the quiz about Rwanda’s national park – and its inhabitants.
Auberta, the four month cub looking for her mom in the Pyrenees, 25 April 2014.
01/05/2014 - France - Spain

Orphan bear cub found searching for mother in Pyrenees

A four-month-old bear cub has been found desperately searching for her mother in the Pyrenees mountains that sit on the French-Spanish border.
Giraffes from West Africa at the Vincennes zoo near Paris
11/04/2014 - Report: France

Reopened Paris zoo stresses animals' well-being and conservation

Paris now has a "21st-century" zoo. After a six-year makeover, the zoo in the Parc de Vincennes reopens on Saturday 12 April.
Paris opens '21st-century' zoo after makeover
11/04/2014 - On-the-spot France

Paris opens '21st-century' zoo after makeover

The Paris zoo reopens its gates to the public Saturday 12 April after a six-year makeover. It aims to be a 21st-century zoo, whose priorities are animal well-being and conservation.
Horsemeat is subject to strict EU controls
16/12/2013 - France

French police question 20 in suspected new horsemeat scandal

French police are questioning around 20 people in the south of France after a huge operation on Monday morning as part of an investigation into another possible horsemeat scandal.

Paris too nice for mice
28/11/2013 - On-the-spot France

Paris too nice for mice

Paris is home to an estimated six million rodents including mice and rats. That's more than double the number of residents in the city.