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A reenactment of First Battle of the Marne at Chauconin-Neufmontiers on 6  September
12/09/2014 - France - Europe

French PM Valls commemorates Battle of the Marne in ongoing world war ceremonies

French Prime minister Manuel Valls called for national unity at a ceremony to commemorate the Battle of the Marne, which saw French and British troops face German soldiers at the start of World War I ...
Anon_0x03 posted several tweets on Major Chirchir's account
25/07/2014 - Report: Kenya - Anonymous

Kenyan army ‘good target’ for cyber attacks and we’ll carry out more, says Anonymous

Hacktivist group Anonymous may carry out more cyber attacks against the Kenyan government, one of its members has told RFI.

French press review 16 July 2014

Israel’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip continues to cost lives. Brics members look at candidates that could extend their clout.


French press review 14 July 2014

Le Figaro gives pride of place to French army chief, General Pierre de Villiers, and his claim that the armed services are already working beyond their capacities and can not reasonably be asked to ...
Russian navy frigate Smolny arrives into the Saint-Nazaire STX Les Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard in western France, 30 June 2014.
30/06/2014 - France - Russia

Hundreds of Russian sailors arrive in France to train aboard Mistral warships

About four hundred Russian sailors arrived in western France on Monday for training on Mistral-class amphibious assault ships before the first of two is delivered to Moscow by the end of the ...

African press review 23 May 2014

Jonathan claims he's not slow to bring back our girls. Mombasa violence hits tourism. SA's Democratic Alliance seeks new whip. And the ANC forgets about geneder parity.


African press review 22 May 2014

South African President Jacob Zuma survived an opposition objection in Parliament, efforts to salvage the tourism industry from total collapse in Kenya and Nigerian army worries that without ...
A French patriol in Boda, CAR
06/05/2014 - Central African Republic - France

French army kill several militamen in north CAR clash

French troops killed several militiamen in a clash in the north of the Central African Republic, the French army announced on Tuesday.
Female soldiers in action with French army contingent of UN forces in Lebanon (2001)
15/04/2014 - France

French army to act on sexual harassment

France’s defence minister is expected to announce new measures to combat sexual harassment in the army after receiving a report on the issue today.

The guillotine awaiting auction in Nantes
25/03/2014 - France

Working French guillotine expected to fetch thousands at auction

A 19th century guillotine, still in perfect working order, is to be auctioned in France on Thursday and is expected to fetch up to 60,000 euros.