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The Strandbeests
26/08/2015 - Culture in France

The Strandbeests

Science fiction abounds with stories of the mad scientist in his laboratory, surrounded by beakers and decanters and odd electrical objects, trying to create a new life form.
Prehistoric cave comes to Paris
19/08/2015 - Culture in France

Prehistoric cave comes to Paris

At the exhibition Lascaux in Paris at Paris Expo/Porte de Versailles, you can walk through a reproduction of one of the rooms of the famous palaeolithic cave and take in the 20,000-year-old ...
Picasso's cubist "La Coiffeuse", worth about $15 million, was stolen in 2001

Lost Picasso returned to France 17 years after it was stolen

The painting “La Coiffeuse” (The Hairdresser), worth around 13.5 million euros, has turned up in Newark, in the United States, wrapped in a parcel.
The Picasso museum in Paris
04/08/2015 - France - Spain

Spanish banking family's Picasso seized by French customs

A Picasso worth more than 25 million euros and deemed a Spanish national treasure has been seized by French authorities from a boat docked on the Mediterranean island of Corisca.

The face of a young woman was one of the ancient images found at Arles in the south of France
10/07/2015 - France

Rare ancient Roman frescos found in south of France

Extremely rare ancient Roman frescos, comparable to those found in the Villa of Mysteries in Pompeii, have been uncovered in the historic southern French city of Arles.
Anish Kapoor's Dirty Corner in the gardens of the Versailles Château
06/06/2015 - FRANCE - Britain

'Queen's vagina' sculpture at Versailles angers French hard right

British-Indian artist Anish Kapoor has angered French right-wingers by placing a sculpture he has described as "the queen's vagina" in the gardens of the historic Versailles château.
Masters of Sculpture from Côte d'Ivoire at Paris' Quai Branly museum
27/05/2015 - Culture in France

Masters of Sculpture from Côte d'Ivoire at Paris' Quai Branly museum

The latest exhibit at Paris’ Quai Branly museum is called 'Masters of Sculpture from Côte d’Ivoire'.
Pakistan's Tribal Truck Art
20/05/2015 - Culture in France

Pakistan's Tribal Truck Art

On a grey, rainy afternoon in the French capital, Parisians were treated to a highly colourful mini-parade on the city streets: buses, trucks, cars and scooters decorated by some of Pakistan’s ...
'Africa Dances' by Ben Enwonwu (Nigerian, 1917-1994)
19/05/2015 - Africa

African contemporary art under the hammer ... and the spotlight

A leading international auction house, Bonhams, is holding its annual Africa Now sale of African art Wednesday.
Marina Picasso, Pablo Picasso's granddaughter
16/05/2015 - FRANCE

Picasso granddaughter to sell artist's Cannes villa for charity work

Pablo Picasso's granddaughter plans to sell his villa in Cannes to fund her charity work. Marina Picasso, 64, is also to put 126 works of pottery by her grandfather up for auction.