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Jean-Marie Le Pen (L) with his daughter, Marine
28/04/2015 - France - Switzerland

French far-right chief Le Pen hid 2.2 million euros in Swiss account, report

The founder of France's far-right Front National, Jean-Marie Le Pen, hid 2.2 million euros in a secret Swiss bank account, a French website reported Monday.
Kenya shuts Somali money-transfer firms
23/04/2015 - International report

Kenya shuts Somali money-transfer firms

Aid agencies have urged Kenya to allow Somali money-transfer firms to resume operations.
Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga with French President Francois Hollande, Bern, Switzerland, 15 April 2015.
16/04/2015 - France - Switzerland

Hollande on state visit buries tax squabbles with Switzerland

French President François Hollande finishes a two-day trip in Switzerland Thursday, as Paris aims to smooth relations with its wealthy neighbour over a tax-evasion row.

An HSBC logo in Geneva, February 2015. HSBC's Swiss subsidiary is being pursued by French authorities
13/04/2015 - France - Britain - Switzerland

French perfumes heiress sentenced to prison for tax evasion

A French court has sentenced perfumes and fashion house heiress Arlette Ricci to three years in prison and a million-euro fine for tax evasion.

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin with Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis who is also trying to chase up tax dodgers
02/04/2015 - FRANCE

37,000+ French tax dodgers admit owning secret accounts abroad

Nearly 38,000 French tax dodgers have come forward since 2013 when the Socialist government offered favourable treatment to secret foreign-account holders who owned up.


African press review 27 March 2015

Jonathan and Buhari promise to control their supporters but Lagos residents don't seem convinced. Kenyatta is praised for taking on corruption.
An HSBC branch in Geneva
27/02/2015 - France - Eurozone - Switzerland

France has given Swissleaks information to ‘large number’ of eurozone countries

France has supplied the names of foreign nationals with secret bank accounts in HSBC’s Swiss branch to most countries in the eurozone, Finance Minister Michel Sapin indicated on Thursday.


French press review 12 February 2015

This morning, the editors of the French national dailies round up several of the usual suspects.


French press review 11 February 2015

The Pope tells priests to keep it brief and not to make it up as they go along.


French press review 10 February 2015

Reporters tote up the euros stashed in Swiss HSBC by wealthy tax dodgers. King Mohammed VI of Morocco is suspected of owning a secret account.