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Hutu refugees greet French soldiers arriving in a camp outside Butare on this 3 July 1994
10/04/2014 - Analysis: France - Rwanda

Twenty years after genocide France and Rwanda give different versions of history

Paul Kagame's renewed accusations led Paris to boycott Monday’s genocide commemoration ceremony in Kigali, but also sparked considerable soul-searching over the allegations in the French ...

Election ballot box
31/03/2014 - France - Belgium

Belgian town dumps French twin over Front National mayor

The mayor of a Belgian town cut off ties with its twin town in southern France on Monday, after voters in Beaucare elected a Front National mayor in weekend elections.

The poster for The Monuments Men
08/03/2014 - France - Germany

France gives back Nazi-seized paintings as Clooney's Monuments Men hits French screens

France is to give back three paintings pillaged by the Nazis on Tuesday, the day before George Clooney's film The Monuments Men opens in French cinemas.

Billionaire Senator Serge Dassault
19/02/2014 - France

French arms billionaire Dassault in custody over vote-buying

French billionaire industrialist and senator Serge Dassault has been take into custody in a long-running vote-buying inquiry a week after his parliamentary immunity was lifted, a judicial source ...

Stromae accepts the award for Male Artist of the year.
15/02/2014 - France - Belgium

Belgian star wins big at French music awards

The Belgian singer-songwriter Stromae has won three awards at Victoires de la Musique, an annual Francophone music award often dubbed the French version of the Grammys.

French soldiers patrol on Boy-Rabe, a northern district of Bangui, 17 December, 2013
19/12/2013 - France - CAR

Fabius announces European troops to be sent to CAR - but where from?

French Foreign Affairs Minister seems to have jumped the gun in assuring the French parliament that some of France's European partners would soon be sending troops to the Central African Republic ...

French police seized this haul of 560 kilos of cannabis resin being smuggled from Morocco laast year
15/12/2013 - France - Belgium

Belgian arrested on French motorway with 500,000 euros in boot

French customs officers caught a Belgian motorist with 500,000 euros euros in his car boot this week, legal sources say.

Survivors of 2011 migrant tragedy sue Belgian army
27/11/2013 - African news explained

Survivors of 2011 migrant tragedy sue Belgian army

Three survivors of a tragedy that caused the deaths of 63 migrants in the Mediterranean are taking the Belgian army to court for failing to rescue them.

Netherlands St Nicholas festival accused of racism
27/11/2013 - International report

Netherlands St Nicholas festival accused of racism

While most of Europe gears up for Christmas, in the Netherlands the focus is on Saint Nicholas's Day, Sinterklaas as the Dutch call it.

Alan Hollinghurst at the 2011 Texas Book Festival
15/11/2013 - France - United Kingdom

Britain's Alan Hollinghurst wins French best foreign book prize

British author Alan Hollinghurst has won the French publishing world's best foreign book prize for his fifth novel, The Stranger's Child.