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French Army Rafale fighter jets during an operation against Syria. 27 September 2015.
12/10/2015 - France -Syria

French air strikes in Syria likely killed French jihadists

French air strikes on Friday probably killed French jihadists training in a Syria Islamic State camp according to a source close to Prime Minister Manuel Valls although France’s defence ...
French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.
06/10/2015 - France

Five 'terrorists' to be stripped of French citizenship

Five "terrorists" will be stripped of their French nationality, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve announced Tuesday.

French President Francois Hollande welcomes Russia's President Vladimir Putin at the Elysee Palace in Paris, 2 October 2015
02/10/2015 - Russia - France - Syria - Ukraine

Russia holding its ground in face of criticism, as Putin arrives in Paris for talks

As Russia's President Vladimir Putin met with Western leaders in Paris for the first time since Russia launched air strikes in Syria, several countries signed a statement calling on Russia to stop targeting Syrian opposition forces.

A Greenpeace activist is in a tent hanging from the Eiffel Tower, 26 October, 2013
07/09/2015 - FRANCE - NEW ZEALAND

Rainbow Warrior bomb apology not enough, captain

The captain the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior said on Monday that an apology from a French secret service frogman who helped blow up in 1985 does not absolve him and then-president ...
Memorial to the Rain Warrior in Matauri Bay, Northland, New Zealand.
06/09/2015 - FRANCE - NEW ZEALAND

French Rainbow Warrior bomber breaks 30-year silence

The French secret service frogman who attached the mines which sank the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior in New Zealand 30 years ago apologised for his actions in an interview Sunday

Protesters in Istanbul hail PKK flags and pictures of victims of the Suruc bombing
24/07/2015 - TURKEY

Ceasefire between Turkish government and Kurds could be at risk, experts say

Experts say the added threat of the Islamic State armed group in Turkey during a time of political turmoil between the government and pro-Kurds could prove difficult to handle.

At least 32 people were killed in a suicide bomb attack in Suruc, Turkey
21/07/2015 - TURKEY

Turkey's anti-IS crackdown, anti-Kurd revenge could be behind Suruc bombing, experts

Analysts say that Turkey's recent crackdown on the Islamic State (IS) armed group could be one of the motives for Monday's bombing in Suruc that killed 32 people.
The Charles-de-Gaulle aircraft carrier
06/01/2015 - France - Iraq

French aircraft carrier set for Persian Gulf, report

The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is preparing to leave for the Gulf region where it is expected to engage in combat against IS,

Turkish sociologist and activist Pinar Selek in Strasbourg, January 2014.
20/12/2014 - France - Turkey

Turkish court clears France-based professor in deadly 1998 explosion

An Istanbul criminal court on Friday acquitted Turkish dissident sociologist Pinar Selek, who lives in exile in France, over a 1998 explosion that killed seven people.

After the suicide attack on the French Lycée Istiqlal in Kabul
11/12/2014 - Afghanistan - France

Suicide bomber hits French school in Kabul

Several people have been killed and a number of others injured in a suicide bombing in a French-sponsored school in Kabul that also houses a French cultural centre.