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Alexander Litvinenko, File 2006.
27/01/2015 - Britain - Russia

London court examines Russia's alleged involvement in Litvinenko death

In the UK, a public inquiry into the death of former Russian spy, Alexander Litvinenko gets underway in London on Tuesday. Litvinenko died after drinking tea laced with radioactive poison in 2006.

French weekly magazines review 18 January 2015

As you'd expect, the French weeklies are preoccupied with the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris and their aftermath.
Beckett's 'Fragments' at the Bouffes du Nord theatre in Paris
18/01/2015 - Culture in France

Beckett's 'Fragments' at the Bouffes du Nord theatre in Paris

In Paris, a new production of Irish playright Samuel Beckett's Fragments is on stage at the Theatre des Bouffes du Nord.
Hollande backs a low tax on all financial products
06/01/2015 - France - EU

France drops demand for exceptions to financial transactions tax

France has dropped demands for certain transactions to be exempt from the financial transactions tax which Paris and 10 other countries hope to introduce.

An easyJet Airbus A319
31/12/2014 - France - Britain

70 EasyJet flights cancelled due to French strike

British budget airline easyJet cancelled 30 percent of its flights in France on Wednesday because of a new two-day strike by cabin crew.

Mahmud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority
31/12/2014 - France - Palestinian territories

French-backed Palestinian bid for UN occupation resolution fails

A Palestinian bid to secure a UN resolution setting an end date for the occupation, which was supported by France, failed to pass a Security Council vote on Tuesday.

Migrants in Calais are offered shelter in the context of the "great cold weather" plan.
28/12/2014 - FRANCE

Calais migrants are offered shelter in ‘great cold weather’ plan

On Saturday and for the second night in a row, a heated shed was set up in Calais in northern France to protect migrants against the cold.

Tsega, a migrant from Eritrea with her 5-year-old son Naher in a gymnasium in Calais
23/12/2014 - France - Britain

French charity gives Christmas gifts to Calais migrants' children

A charity in Calais in France distributed Christmas gifts on Tuesday to the children of migrants who camp there in their bid to cross the sea to reach Britain.

The reenactment of the exhibition of the embalmed body of African-born philosopher Angelo Soliman in the Vienna Natural History Museum in the18th century
28/11/2014 - France - South Africa

Protesters stop Exhibit B ‘human zoo’ performance at Paris theatre

Protesters stopped the controversial Exhibit B performance at a Paris theatre on Thursday evening, accusing it of being racist and exploitative.
Pro-Palestinian protest in Paris on 23 July 2014
28/11/2014 - France - Palestine

French parliament debates recognising Palestinian state

The French parliament on Friday begins debating a proposal to formally recognise Palestine, following the British and Spanish parliaments and the Irish Senate.