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Burkina Faso

African press review 3 December 2014

Kenya’s security chiefs are fired. SA sold arms to Compaoré’s Burkina Faso. Mugabe purges Zanu-PF. Angola and Nigeria find themselves on the losing side in Opec.

The Abdou Diouf international conference Center in Djiamnadjio near Dakar, Senegal
30/11/2014 - Report: French-speaking countries' Summit in Dakar

French-speaking countries' Summit deadlocked over choice of its next chief

The 15th Summit of the Organization of French-speaking countries is into its second and final day this Sunday amid reports of deep divergences over who should become the successor of retiring Senegalese national Abdou Diouf.

A helicopter landing in the South-Kivu region in DR Congo in November 2014.
30/11/2014 - FRANCE - BURKINA FASO

French soldier dies in helicopter accident in Burkina Faso

A French special forces commando has died in Burkina Faso during a training flight, the French defence ministry announced Sunday.

François Hollande faces journalists from RFI, France 24 and TV5 at the Palais de l'Elysée on Thursday evening
28/11/2014 - Interview: France's President François Hollande

IS videos ‘terrorism through images’, Hollande tells RFI

French President François Hollande dubbed the Islamic State (IS) armed group’s propaganda videos “terrorist attacks through images” and insisted that France will continue to ...

French weekly magazines review 23 November 2014

A new interim leader for Burkina Faso, another scandal involving French businessman and Senator Serge Dassault as well as revelations about football match-fixing – all in France's ...
Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Zida in Ouagadougou on 14 November
19/11/2014 - Burkina Faso

Army holds on to Burkina power with Zida named prime minister

Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Zida has been named Burkina Faso’s prime minister.
Opposition leader,  Zéphirin Diabré signs a "transition charter" in  Ouagadougou, 16 november 2014.
17/11/2014 - FRANCE - BURKINA FASO

Hollande welcomes Kafando as Burkina Faso's interim president

French President François Hollande on Monday welcomed Michel Kafando as Burkina Faso's interim leader.


African press review 17 November 2014

For once, the main story in the Nigerian Guardian is NOT about Boko Haram extremists. The Guardian is worried about the national economy.


French weekly magazines review 16 November 2014

The political earthquake caused by the “Jouyetgate” scandal is this week’s top story. Corruption claims hit one of Nicolas Sarkozy’s allies.

French press review 14 November 2014

Africa has pride of place in the French press this Friday as several newspapers comment about the breakthrough in the dialogue to set up a transitional government in Burkina Faso and follow the Ebola ...