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H'Sao's Oria album cover
15/09/2013 - Report: Word Music Matters

H'Sao: Chadian swallows hit the right note

“Like swallows, we wanted to reach the highest mountain,” says Isra, the youngest member of this five-piece band from Chad. And they’re well on their way.

10/07/2013 - France

France seeks wolf hunters from North America

French authorities are considering advertising in North America or Eastern Europe for experienced wolf hunters.

Montreal council votes on controversial Maple Spring protest law
22/04/2013 - International report

Montreal council votes on controversial Maple Spring protest law

In 2012, student demonstrations protesting against a rise in tuition fees paralysed Montreal.
Canadian singer Mélissa Laveaux
21/04/2013 - World music matters

Canadian singer Mélissa Laveaux

Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist Mélissa Laveaux speaks about her passion for killing and reinventing herself, as she brings out a new album Dying is a wild night.

04/04/2013 - Series: Extraordinary Eritreans

Eritrean journalist relaunches paper in Canada

People flee Eritrea for many reasons - personal, economic or political

. Aaron Berhane did everything he could not to leave. But a clampdown on the media forced him to flee to Canada.
Journalist Aaron Berhane's political/love story
04/04/2013 - International report

Journalist Aaron Berhane's political/love story

Aaron Berhane invested years of his life to improving the lives of Eritreans and holding the government to account.
New Zealand's Ryan Nelsen, the new coach of Toronto FC
23/03/2013 - Sports Insight

New Zealand's Ryan Nelsen, the new coach of Toronto FC

This week, Sports Insight speaks to former World Cup captain Ryan Nelsen.
Transatlantic transmissions
23/03/2013 - The Sound Kitchen

Transatlantic transmissions

Are you one of this week’s lucky winners? Are you ready to try your luck on today’s quiz question? Click on that little “Listen” arrow above, and join in!

14/03/2013 - France - Canada

Ayrault to stay neutral on Quebec separatism during four-day Canada visit

French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault started a four-day visit to Canada Wednesday.
23/01/2013 - Algeria - France - Mali

Japan wants answers on Algeria gas plant siege

One of the hostage-takers killed at Algeria’s In Amenas gas complex had worked at the site, security sources say, possibly answering questions as to how the Islamists were able to plan their attack. A Japanese junior minister has arrived in Algiers