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Transatlantic transmissions
23/03/2013 - The Sound Kitchen

Transatlantic transmissions

Are you one of this week’s lucky winners? Are you ready to try your luck on today’s quiz question? Click on that little “Listen” arrow above, and join in!

14/03/2013 - France - Canada

Ayrault to stay neutral on Quebec separatism during four-day Canada visit

French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault started a four-day visit to Canada Wednesday.
23/01/2013 - Algeria - France - Mali

Japan wants answers on Algeria gas plant siege

One of the hostage-takers killed at Algeria’s In Amenas gas complex had worked at the site, security sources say, possibly answering questions as to how the Islamists were able to plan their attack. A Japanese junior minister has arrived in Algiers

20/01/2013 - France - Mali - Russia - Canada - Germany

French forces advance towards Mali’s north as Russia and Canada offer help

The French military says its troops are progressing further into Islamist-held territory in northern Mali as Russia and Canada offer logistical support to France’s military intervention.

Should Canada play a more active role in Mali?
10/01/2013 - African news explained

Should Canada play a more active role in Mali?

Nato says it has not been asked to assist a military alliance in Mali. This after Benin President Boni Yayi, who is at present head of the African Union, urged Nato to step in.
Crisis-hit French leave for Canada
27/11/2012 - On-the-spot France

Crisis-hit French leave for Canada

As rising unemployment and economic problems continue to hit France, many French people are relocating to countries outside Europe.
Canadian citizen wins two-million euro immigration lawsuit
12/11/2012 - African news explained

Canadian citizen wins two-million euro immigration lawsuit

In 2009, a Canadian citizen of Somali origin, Suaad Magi Mohamed was returning back to Canada from Kenya when was stopped from boarding her flight because officials said she didn't look like the ...

African press review 25 October 2012

Kenyan election preparations and a diplomatic spat between Uganda and Canada are among the stories in today's African press.

24/09/2012 - France - Canada- Nepal

Two French climbers, one Canadian, still missing after deadly Nepal avalanche

Two French mountain-climbers and one Canadian are still missing after the avalanche on Nepal’s Manaslu mountain that left at least nine people dead, four of them French.
The new Premier for Québec, Pauline Marois, surrounded by officials after the shooting in Montreal
05/09/2012 - Canada

Man killed as Quebec separatists celebrate election win in Canada

A man has been killed at a shooting during celebrations by the Parti Québécois, which won the most votes at elections in the French-speaking province.