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Gilles Jacob waves goodbye to the Cannes Film Festival de Cannes after 37 years of organising
25/05/2014 - Cannes Film Festival 2014

Turkish politics, hugs, whale bones, entranced dancing … Cannes Film Festival 2014 highlights

From magical cinema to politics and emotion at the awards ceremony, here are some of my highlights from Cannes 2014:

Xavier Dolan is overcome with emotion on receiving the Cannes Jury Prize along with Jean-Luc Godard
25/05/2014 - Cannes Film Festival 2014

Mommy wins Canada’s wunderkind Dolan Cannes recognition

Cinema's Canadian wunderkind Xavier Dolan shared the Cannes Film Festival’s Jury Prize with veteran Jean-Luc Godard.
The right size-  trains at Paris's Gare du Nord station
21/05/2014 - France

Red faces at French rail companies over too-wide trains

France’s rail network is to spend at least 50 million euros to reduce the size of 1,300 platforms after realising that new trains are too wide

The identikit picture of the bombing suspect
16/05/2014 - France - Canada - Middle East

Canadian court backs extradition of Paris synagogue bombing suspect

A Canadian court has upheld a decision to extradite a professor of Lebanese origin accused of bombing a Paris synagogue in 1980 to France.
Piglets in Poland - 90 per cent of young pigs die once they've caught PED
04/05/2014 - France - America - Japan

France bans American, Japanese pig imports over deadly diarrhoea

France has banned imports of live pigs and pig semen from the US, Canada, Mexico and Japan to prevent the spread of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea virus (PED) which has killed millions of pigs and pushed ...
The police judiciaire headquarters at 36 Quai des Orfèvres, Paris
27/04/2014 - France

Two Paris police charged with rape of Canadian tourist

Two members of an elite French police unit have been charged with the rape of a Canadian tourist.
The headquarters of the Police judiciaire on the Ile de la Cité
26/04/2014 - France

Three Paris police accused of raping Canadian tourist

Three French police officers were remanded in custody on Saturday after allegedly sexually assaulting a Canadian tourist at a Paris police station.

Floods, gales, big freeze - blame the jet stream
17/02/2014 - World news explained

Floods, gales, big freeze - blame the jet stream

Volatile weather conditions in northern Europe, the United States and Canada have been worsened by what meteorologists call the jet stream, fuelled partly by the temperature differential between the ...
Allegations against the Nigerian police in relation with the anti-gay law
20/01/2014 - African news explained

Allegations against the Nigerian police in relation with the anti-gay law

Canada has cancelled a state visit by the Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan citing its disapproval of Nigeria's decision to enact a Same Sex Marriage Prohibition law last week.

African press review 10 January 2014

The UK and Nigeria agree an exchange of prisoners. A Congolese designer has something interesting in her dictionaries. There's a new twist in the Ruto-ICC saga. The ANC rallies round Zuma.