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In June 343 women who had used ART abroad presented a petition calling for the scrapping of the ART ban in France to the government
23/09/2014 - France

French appeal court allows adoption of assisted reproduction babies

Lesbian couples in France may now adopt babies born due to assisted reproductive technology (ART), the highest French appeals court ruled on Tuesday.

The Femen protest in Notre-Dame Cathedral
10/09/2014 - France

Femen protesters let off by Paris court over Notre Dame topless protest

Nine members of the breast-baring feminist movement Femen have been declared not guilty of causing wilful damage to a bell in Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral

28/07/2014 - France - Middle East

French Catholic priests travel to Iraq to support persecuted Christians

Two French Catholic leaders are headed to Iraq on Monday for a three day visit to support Christians of Mosul, who were evicted from their homes by jihadists who took over the city in June.

French Education Minister Benoît Hamon
28/06/2014 - France

French education minister to scrap controversial gender-equality programme, reports

France’s Socialist government is to make another climbdown in the face of right-wing family-values campaigners with the scrapping of a gender-equality programme in the country’s schools, ...
Vincent Lambert's nephew François Lambert talks to the press
25/06/2014 - France - European Union

European court orders France to keep paraplegic on life support

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ordered France to keep a man who has been in a vegetative state for six years on life support, overruling France’s highest court.


French press review 23 May 2014

It's difficult to avoid the European elections in today's French press.

"No to gender theory!" reads a banner on an anti-gay marriage demonstration in February
16/05/2014 - France

Nantes school students defy right-wing protesters on 'skirt day'

Schoolboys in the western French city of Nantes defied right-wing demonstrators by going to school in skirts on Friday.
Jérôme Kerviel in Modène
15/05/2014 - France - Italy

Rogue trader Kerviel faces jail as lone walk to France ends

French rogue trader Jerome Kerviel crosses the border into France on Saturday where he could face jail, following his long protest walk from Rome.


French youngsters return from 10-month 'interfaith tour'
06/05/2014 - On-the-spot France

French youngsters return from 10-month 'interfaith tour'

Five young Frenchmen - a Catholic, Jew, Muslim, agnostic and atheist - have just returned from a 10-month long “interfaith tour”, exploring inter-faith initiatives in some 50 countries ...

French weekly magazines review 4 May 2014

French unhappiness, the spread of burnout and the return of intellectual orthodoxy in French thinking dominate comments in the French weeklies.