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Central African Republic
A soldier in France's Sangaris operation in the Central African Republic
07/05/2015 - Central African Republic - FRANCE

Central Africa to open case in French soldiers' sex abuse allegations

The Central African Republic (CAR) is to take legal action against French soldiers accused of exchanging paedophile sex for food during the French military operation in the country.


French press review 4 May 2015

The humanitarian disaster in the Mediterranean continues as thousands more take to the seas from Libya.
French Minister of Defence Jean-Yves Le Drian says he felt "betrayal" over the allegations that French soldiers have sexually abused refugee children
03/05/2015 - France - Central African Republic

Soldiers who abused Central African children must ‘give themselves up’, says defence minister

French defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian felt "disgust" and "betrayal" over allegations that French soldiers in the Central African Republic had sexually assaulted children in ...

French press review 2 May 2015

The French press is putting pressure on the military to come clean on child abuse allegations facing its Sangaris forces in the Central African Republic.

French press review 1 May 2015

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has been caught in the Bygmalion booby trap and the internet takes centre stage in search for Nepal earthquake survivors.
French troops arrive in Bouar western CAR in December 2013
30/04/2015 - France - Central African Republic

French military investigating Central Africa child sex abuse allegations

The French military has been conducting an inquiry into charges of child sex abuse by troops in the Central African Republic since last July, it emerged after a UN report on the allegations was ...
Chadian soldiers fighting Boko Haram in February
12/03/2015 - France - Nigeria - Niger

France to move troops from CAR to back anti-Boko Haram fight

France is to boost its military presence in the Sahel region of Africa to support the fight against Boko Haram, whose insurgency has spread from Nigeria to Chad and Niger.
French humanitarian worker Claudia Priest.
25/01/2015 - France - Central African Republic

Freed aid worker in the CAR to return to France

The French aid worker who was kidnapped this week in the Central African Republic and freed Friday will arrive at a military airport near Paris on Sunday evening.

Bangui archbishop Dieudonné Nzapalainga, a key player in the release of Claudia Priest.
24/01/2015 - France - Central African Republic

French aid worker released in Central African Republic

French aid worker Claudia Priest has been released after being kidnapped on Monday in the Central African Republic, France’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Friday.

An anti-Balaka militiaman behind villagers in Bouca, Central African Republic
23/01/2015 - France - Central African Republic

Kidnapped French aid worker’s family worried for her safety

The son of a French aid worker held hostage by anti-balaka Christian militia in the Central African Republic (CAR) says he is worried for her safety.