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Cameroon disabled fight for education rights
11/12/2014 - International report

Cameroon disabled fight for education rights

In Cameroon living with a physical disability makes attending school particularly difficult. Very few provisions are made by the education authorities for the physically impaired.
The boy's father was in prison when he was born and was unaware of his existence
26/11/2014 - France

French father’s bid to win custody of adopted son fails

A French appeals court has refused a young father's request to have his son taken from an adoptive family and handed over to his custody.

French press review 20 November 2014

Funding the army, poverty, and behind the scenes with the French president - all in today's papers ...

Childless Nigerians resort to 'baby factories'
15/10/2014 - International report

Childless Nigerians resort to 'baby factories'

Nigeria has an unusually high number of infertile couples, experts have found.
French President François Hollande
10/10/2014 - France

Budget cuts will not affect French autism programmes, Hollande

French president François Hollande has promised that cuts in government spending will not affect the budget allotted to autism.

French press review 09 October 2014

Family allowances, Islamic State and Ebola are all topics in today's French papers.

23/09/2014 - France

EU's Erasmus student exchange spawns one million babies

The EU student exchange programme Erasmus has led to the birth of one million babies, according to a study published Monday.
The teenager confessed he "decided" to kill young brother and sister
05/09/2014 - France

French teenager charged with murdering sister, trying to kill brother

A 15-year-old boy has been charged with killing his 11-year-old sister and trying to kill his eight-year-old brother in eastern France.
France considers teaching kids to code
01/09/2014 - On-the-spot France

France considers teaching kids to code

School starts this week in France, and some students may be offered a new kind of course: computer programming.
Clean Break in Jamaica: part 5/5
22/08/2014 - International report

Clean Break in Jamaica: part 5/5

For the fifth part in our series Clean Break in Jamaica, RFI meets Jamaican actress Claudette Pious with a calling to help underprivileged children.