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Louchats town hall.
20/03/2015 - France

Bodies of five babies found in southwestern France

The bodies of five newborn babies were found on Thursday in a house near Bordeaux, southwestern France.

Syrian refugees in Lebanon series part 1/5
16/03/2015 - International report

Syrian refugees in Lebanon series part 1/5

This week marks the fourth anniversary of the first violent protests in Syria, signaling the beginning of a long and bloody civil war, which shows no end in sight. Nearly three million people have ...
Children playing in a French nursery.
11/03/2015 - France

French lawmakers postpone religious neutrality debate until after elections

France's parliament announced on Wednesday it would postpone a debate planned for this week over proposals to impose religious neutrality in private nurseries until after regional elections at the ...
13-year-old Abu Bakr al Faransi; who was killed fighting in Syria in January
10/03/2015 - France - Syria - Iraq

13-year-old French boy killed fighting for IS in Syria

France's youngest-ever jihadist, fighting alongside the Islamic State (IS) armed group in Syria, is reported to have died in combat at the age of 13.
The Council of Europe headquarters in Strasbourg
04/03/2015 - France - Europe

France ruled in breach of rights treaty on smacking children

The Council of Europe has ruled that France is in violation of a European rights treaty because it has not completely banned the smacking of children.

Despite calls to reform its policy on child punishments, smacking is not banned in France.
03/03/2015 - FRANCE

France braces for European judgement on child smacking

France is preparing for criticism from the Council of Europe human rights body on Wednesday after media reported it would be condemned for failing to clearly ban the smacking of children.

Stop au déni's website
01/03/2015 - France

France failing child sex abuse victims, survey finds

France’s social services are failing to protect children from sex abuse, an NGO charged this weekend after a survey showed that only four per cent of victims had received help from the ...
Manon Serrano during the court case last December
10/02/2015 - France

French families awarded almost two million euros 20 years after babies switched at birth

Two French families whose babies were switched at birth have been awarded nearly two million euros in compensation for the blunder.
Is France becoming more prudish about children?
22/01/2015 - On-the-spot France

Is France becoming more prudish about children?

Censorship and free speech have long been issues of debate in France. Sex is often a target, and there are strong reactions when it involves children. But has France become more sensitive recently?
France's National Institute for Statistic and Economics Studies recorded 820,000 births in 2014.
14/01/2015 - France

French population grew in 2014, a little bit

France had 66.3 million inhabitants at the beginning of 2015, an increase of 0.4 percent or 300,000 people since the start of the previous year, according to official figures released Tuesday by the ...