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"Avoir 20 ans dans les Aurès" won the international critics'prize at Cannes in 1972.
05/01/2015 - FRANCE

French anti-colonial film-maker Vautier dies

French radical film-maker René Vautier died on Sunday aged 86. He claimed to be the "most censored director in France."

Le Centquatre contemporary arts centre in Paris
08/12/2014 - France -South Africa

Artists ask Paris court to ban 'humiliating' Exhibit B

An artists’ collective on Monday asked a Paris court to order a halt to the controversial Exhibit B show, which its members judge to be racist and degrading.

The reenactment of the exhibition of the embalmed body of African-born philosopher Angelo Soliman in the Vienna Natural History Museum in the18th century
28/11/2014 - France - South Africa

Protesters stop Exhibit B ‘human zoo’ performance at Paris theatre

Protesters stopped the controversial Exhibit B performance at a Paris theatre on Thursday evening, accusing it of being racist and exploitative.
A tableau from Exhibit B
27/11/2014 - France - United Kingdom - South Africa

Protests against ‘racist/anti-racist’ Exhibit B spread to France

France’s culture minister and the mayor of Paris have spoken out in defence of Exhibit B, the performance that was closed in London after protests accusing it of being racist.
Algerian soldiers in Bastille day WWI commemoration
14/07/2014 - On-the-spot France

Algerian soldiers in Bastille day WWI commemoration

Three Algerian soldiers will take part in today’s Bastille day ceremony, which is devoted to commemorating the start of the First World War, 100 years ago.
Algeria fans celebrate at the Arc de Triomphe
27/06/2014 - France - Algeria - Brazil World Cup 2014

Jubilation and arrests on France’s streets as Algeria reach World Cup knockout

Algerians in France celebrated their team’s draw with Russia on the streets of Paris, Lyon and Marseille on Thursday night with 74 arrests as some fans clashed with police.
The CRAN President Louis-Georges Tin
10/05/2014 - France

Black rights groups urge banks to pay for slavery, Hollande stays stum

Some of France's top banking institutions and richest families are being asked to pay back thousands in compensation to victims of slavery.
New Caledonia map.
09/05/2014 - France

New Caledonia elects new congress in run-up to independence referendum

The French Pacific territory of New Caledonia votes this weekend on the make-up of a local assembly that will prepare a referendum on whether it remains a part of France or becomes independent.

Music tells story of colonial troops in World War One
22/04/2014 - On-the-spot France

Music tells story of colonial troops in World War One

As France commemorates the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, two of Europe's most notorious dub producers have joined forces with roots reggae artists and poets from Britain and France ...