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Music tells story of colonial troops in World War One
22/04/2014 - On-the-spot France

Music tells story of colonial troops in World War One

As France commemorates the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, two of Europe's most notorious dub producers have joined forces with roots reggae artists and poets from Britain and ...

Nouméa, capital of New Caledonia.
13/03/2014 - France - New Caledonia

UN investigates concerns ahead of New Caledonia vote on independence from France

A delegation from the United Nations Decolonisation Committee arrived on Thursday in the French pacific territory of New Caledonia, at the request of island’s Independence party.

A labourers' camp at Mayumbe during the construction of the Congo-Ocean railway line
26/02/2014 - France - Congo

Anti-racists take France to court over colonial-era Congo forced labour

A coalition of black rights groups is suing the French state and a construction company for crimes against humanity over the use of forced labour to build a railway line in Congo in the 1920s.


French press review 20 February 2014

Two tragic situations dominate this morning's French front pages - the battles in Kiev and the Central African Republic's "descent into madness".

Ericka Bareigts, Socialist MP for a Réunion constituency
17/02/2014 - France - La Réunion

France to debate Réunion island's stolen generation

France's parliament is to debate a bill denouncing the "forced migration" of more than 1,600 children from the Indian Ocean island of La Réunion to mainland France on Tuesday. The "stolen children" were brought to France between 1963 and 1982

Gerboise bleue explodes at Tanezrouft, south-west of Reggane
14/02/2014 - France - Algeria - Chad

Fallout from 1960s French nuclear test reached Sicily, Chad

The French defence ministry lied about the fallout from France's first nuclear test in the Sahara desert in 1960.

Black French group bus tour exposes multinationals "colonial practices"
13/02/2014 - On-the-spot France

Black French group bus tour exposes multinationals "colonial practices"

Anti-colonialism week begins in France on Friday.

Paul Aussaresses in 2011
04/12/2013 - France - Algeria

Algerian war torture general Paul Aussaresses dies, aged 95

French General Paul Aussaresses, who caused a storm with his admission that torture was widely used during the Algerian War of Independence, has died at the age of 95.

Detail of the current 1,000 franc note
22/10/2013 - French Pacific territories

French Pacific islands redesign the franc

The franc is alive and well and living in the Pacfic.

Mourners pay respects as Vietnamese soldiers transport the artillery cart carrying the coffin of General Vo Nguyen Giap
13/10/2013 - Vietnam - France

Vast crowds pay tribute to Vietnam war hero General Giap

Huge crowds turned out on Sunday to watch the body of General Vo Nguyen Giap, the military leader in Vietnam's wars with the French and the Americans, being driven through the streets of Hanoi ...