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African press review 9 December 2014

The Uganda child torture case, power cuts in South Africa, what type of government for DRC? It's all in today's African papers ..


African press review 12 February 2014

Kenya frees some suspected Islamists. The ICC tussles with Nairobi over Uhuru's bank account. Uganda is unlikely to pull its troops out of South Sudan.

African press review 13 January 2014

The ANC's 2014 election manifesto, funding stalls power project in Zimbabwe and the military intervention in South Sudan are all topics in today's African papers.


African press review 13 March 2013

A Mali paper's still online, even though its editor is in jail. Kenyatta struggles to keep out of the International Criminal Court. Odinga dithers over challenging election results.

African press review 28 February 2013

South Africa's budget, the run up to Kenya's elections and iPads for Ugandan parliamentarians are all topics in today's African newspapers...


African press review 4 February 2013

Trade union issues in South Africa and the run up to Kenya's election are both big stories in today's African press...


African press review 4 December 2012

Egypt's politics and a strike by South Africa's farmworkers are two stories in today's African newspapers.



African press review 18 October 2012

Is Malema a brainless racist? Has the ANC become squalid? Where are the SA police's missing guns? Where are Kenya's (French-made) voter-registration kits?

African press review 3 October 2012

SA's main union grouping thinks mine bosses are being too generous. Ratings agencies are worried about the rise in unemployment. Are four Kenyans being prosecuted for the sins of 40 million?

African press review 21 September 2012

The decision to scrap the introduction of a controversial 5000 naira banknote in Nigeria and Kenya's national teachers' strike are both stories covered in the African press today.