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Court case
The Femen protest in Notre-Dame Cathedral
10/09/2014 - France

Femen protesters let off by Paris court over Notre Dame topless protest

Nine members of the breast-baring feminist movement Femen have been declared not guilty of causing wilful damage to a bell in Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral

Greenpeace activists at France's oldest nuclear reactor at Fessenheim, Alsace
05/09/2014 - France

Greenpeace activists given suspended sentences for French nuclear power station break-in

Green campaigners from 20 countries received two-month suspended sentences Thursday after launching a break-in at France's oldest nuclear plant last March.

The Parisienne's masthead (detail)
26/08/2014 - France

Paris paper threatens to sue blogger over Parisienne title, report

French tabloid Le Parisien is threatening to sue a blogger for using the title The Parisienne.
IMF head Christine Lagarde
26/08/2014 - France - IMF

IMF chief Lagarde faces fourth round of questioning in French corruption case

International Monetary Fund (IMF) boss Christine Lagarde on Tuesday faced questioning for the fourth time in a mulit-million-euro corruption case linked to her time as a minister under former French ...
08/08/2014 - France - Indonesia

French journalists detained in Indonesia

Two French journalists who are working in Indonesia were arrested.
08/08/2014 - France - Georgia

French woman in Georgia released after found in possession of ‘illegal’ drug

A French woman was detained in Georgia for more than a week after being found in possession of a medicinal drug that is illegal in the country. She was released on Thursday.

The employees' lawyer, Olivier Morice
24/07/2014 - France

Scientologists accused of brainwashing French company’s employees

French prosecutors are investigating the Church of Scientology for alleged harassment of the employees of a company whose boss had joined the organisation.
Lawyer Richard Malka (L) with Baby Loup creche boss Natalia Baleato in 2010
26/06/2014 - France

French court backs firing of childcare worker for wearing Islamic headscarf

France's top court has upheld the decision of a childcare centre to fire an employee for wearing the Islamic headscarf, the hijab.
Algerian police in Guerrara
04/06/2014 - Algeria

Algerian faces three years in prison for filming police stealing

An Algerian man could face three years in jail for allegedly filming police committing theft while they were supposed to be controlling rioting football fans.

Algerian billionaire Rafik Khalifa, currently in jail in his homeland
03/06/2014 - France - Algeria

‘Algerian Bill Gates’ on trial in France on massive embezzlement charges

An Algerian billionaire, whose billion-euro business empire extended to sponsoring Olympique Marseille, in on trial for allegedly embezzling large sums of money in France.