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Jacqueline Sauvage, who was pardoned by President Francois Hollande last week
06/02/2016 - France - Crime

French woman freed after killing abusive husband

A French court handed a suspended five-year jail sentence on Friday to a woman who shot dead her abusive husband, less than a week after President Francois Hollande pardoned a woman jailed in a ...
Jacqueline Sauvage in court
01/02/2016 - FRANCE

Hollande pardon for French woman who killed abusive husband wins cautious welcome

French President François Hollande has pardoned a woman who was jailed for 10 years for killing her husband.
An artificial grotto on the Isle de Reuilly in the Bois de Vincennes
23/01/2016 - FRANCE

Paris court sentences Chinese childminder for killing baby's parents, cutting up bodies

A French court has sentenced a Chinese immigrant childminder to 20 years in prison for killing the parents of a bay who died in her charge, then cutting up their bodies and hiding the pieces in ...
Bernard Cazeneuve his visti to the principal synagogue in Marseilles
20/01/2016 - FRANCE

Hate crimes against Muslims triple in France

Hate crimes against Muslims in France tripled last year, anti-Semitic assaults remained at an already "high level" and attacks on Christian sites rose by a fifth.
Police on patrol in Bobigny
16/01/2016 - FRANCE

French police offficer acquitted after shooting armed man in back

A French court has acquitted a police officer who shot an armed criminal in the back, judging that he acted in legitimate self-defence.
Police officers provide protection in front of a Jewish school in Marseille after an attack on a local teacher, 11 January 2016
12/01/2016 - FRANCE

Turkish teen allegedly stabs Jewish teacher in Marseille

A Turkish teenager who allegedly attacked a Jewish teacher with a machete Monday in Marseille has told prosecutors that he acted in the name of the Islamic State armed group.

An Israeli forensic policeman works at the scene of a shooting incident in Tel Aviv, Israel January 1, 2016.
02/01/2016 - Israel-France

Israeli police hunt gunman of Paris-style attack

Israeli security forces pressed Saturday a manhunt for the gunman who killed two people and wounded seven others at a Tel Aviv pub, as the motive for the attack remained unclear.
French police
29/12/2015 - FRANCE

Thieves return stolen goods addressed to French police

A gang of French thieves returned some of their loot on Christmas Eve when they discovered it was addressed to local police.
Demonstrations outside the préfecture in Ajaccio on Saturday
27/12/2015 - FRANCE

Demonstrations banned in Corsican district after Muslim prayer room attack

Police on Sunday stopped about 300 demonstrators entering the housing estate in Corsica where a Muslim prayer room was trashed on Friday following an attack on police and firefighters.
A French police officer patrols Paris's Trocadéro area on 22 November, 2015
24/11/2015 - FRANCE-BELGIUM

French, Belgian authorities pursue new leads in Paris attacks

French police are examining a suspected suicide belt, 11 days after the terrorist attacks that killed 130 people in the capital.