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Alexander Litvinenko, File 2006.
27/01/2015 - Britain - Russia

London court examines Russia's alleged involvement in Litvinenko death

In the UK, a public inquiry into the death of former Russian spy, Alexander Litvinenko gets underway in London on Tuesday. Litvinenko died after drinking tea laced with radioactive poison in 2006.
An avalanche.
25/01/2015 - France

Six skiers found dead after avalanche in French Alps

The bodies of six experienced skiers have been found in the French Alps, police said after a day-long search in the Queyras mountain range.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claims the network's global leader Ayman Al Zawahri ordered the Charlie Hebdo attack.
14/01/2015 - France - Yemen

Al-Qaeda in Yemen claims responsibility for Charlie Hebdo attack

The Yemen-based Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) claimed it planned and financed last week's attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in a video posted online on Wednesday.


African press review 13 January 2015

Kenya's government digs in its heels in the face of a teachers' strike. Egyptian students have to be careful what books they are seen to be reading.

French press review 13 January 2015

French papers look at Charlie Hebdo's next issue which appears tomorrow despite last week's massacre. There's debate on toughening up security and how Europe should respond.


African press review 12 January 2015

Most the reactions were unanimous in condemning the Charlie Hebdo attacks, but not everybody came out to condemn the events says the African press today.


French press review 12 January 2015

The French newspapers are all headlining on yesterday's unity march.


French press review 10 January 2015

There is, of course, wall to wall coverage in graphic detail of the bloody end to the Charlie Hebdo affair in today’s French papers.

26/01/2015 - France

Massacre at Charlie Hebdo

The murder of 17 people in a killing spree that started at the Paris offices of satirical paper Charlie Hebdo has sparked worldwide indignation.

African press review 9 January 2015

Some papers in Africa continue to give front-page coverage to the killing of French journalists and police officers in Paris on Wednesday, particularly those who report terrorist attacks in their own ...