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A photo of the courthouse in Melun, located in the south-west of Paris, where the victim, Henrique Vannier worked.
29/10/2015 - France

Drama in French court house: lawyer shoots bar chairman, kills himself

France's youngest chairman of the bar was shot and seriousy wounded by a lawyer facing supension, in a dramatic shoot-out at a court house near Paris, police sources said on Thursday.

French gendarme investigators supervise the removal of the truck at the scene of the accident with a coach on a road near Puisseguin.
26/10/2015 - France

France ends operation to clear coach crash wreckage

French police on Monday cleared wreckage of a fatal coach crash that killed forty three people last week, in a hunt for clues to what caused the country's worst road accident in three decades.
Puisseguin, near Bordeaux, where the accident took place
23/10/2015 - FRANCE

42 die in coach crash in south-west France

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and two other ministers rushed to the scene of France's worst traffic accident for 33 years on Friday morning.
Recovery efforts in Cannes and other affected cities continue
06/10/2015 - FRANCE

Two more confirmed missing as French Riviera recovery efforts continue

Two more people have been confirmed missing after the violent weekend floods on the French Riviera, bringing the total to 20 dead and four missing, police said Tuesday.

Inondations à Mandelieu-la-Napoule, près de Cannes, dans le sud de la France, le 4 octobre 2015.
04/10/2015 - FRANCE

French flood death toll hits 16 as Hollande visits stricken Côte d'Azur

The death toll in floods on France's Riviera rose to at least 16 with another four reported missing on Sunday as French President François Hollande visited the stricken region.

Saturday's Nice-Nantes footballmatch was called off because of the storms
04/10/2015 - FRANCE

At least 13 die in French Riviera floods

At least 13 people have died in the south of France due to flooding as violent storms swept through the region on Saturday night. Six were reported missing on Sunday morning.

The Foreign Legion on parade on Bastille Day
17/09/2015 - DJIBOUTI - FRANCE - Slovakia

Foreign Legion officers on trial accused of causing Slovak recruit's death

Four former soldiers in France's Foreign Legion faced trial on Thursday, accused of causing the death of a 25-year-old Slovak recruit on an exercise in the desert of Djibouti.
Lyon and the surrounding area were hit by storms on Wednesday
17/09/2015 - FRANCE

Three die as storms hit France

Three people died when storms and hugh winds hit France on Wednesday. Heavy rain was forecast in parts of the country on Thursday.

A helicopter on a mission in the French Alps
15/09/2015 - France

Avalanche kills seven climbers in French Alps

Seven people have died in an avalanche in the French Alps.
Robert Boulin at the Elysee palace in Paris on 26 September 1979, just weeks before his death
11/09/2015 - France

Court reopens investigation of minister's death, 36 years later

French prosecutors have reopened a case in the 1979 death of French cabinet minister Robert Boulin.