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Demonstrators clash with CRS riot policemen near the Place de la Republique
29/11/2015 - FRANCE

Paris police arrest 100 in clashes after Cop21 climate change protest

Paris police fired teargas at demonstrators pelting them with bottles in protest at the ban on demonstrations following the 13 November attacks in the French capital on Sunday.
Shoes sent by people who would have marched in Paris on Sunday were laid out in the Place de la République
29/11/2015 - FRANCE

Human chain in Paris as worldwide rallies demand climate change action at Cop21

More than 2,000 demonstrations took place across the globe this weekend to press world leaders to reach an effective deal to limit global warming at the Cop21 climate change conference

A demonstation in Manila demands action against global warming on Saturday 28 November
28/11/2015 - FRANCE - Cop21

Cop21 pact 'within reach' but climate change marches banned in Paris

A world climate change pact is within reach, according to France's Laurent Fabius, who will chair the Cop21 conference that starts in Paris on Sunday.
Clashes erupted in several cities Thursday, killing one in Cote d'Ivoire
11/09/2015 - AFRICA

Fear of further clashes with upcoming elections in Cote d'Ivoire

At least one person has been killed in the first major outbreak of opposition-led violence which erupted in several towns, after the Constitutional Council released the official list of the 10 ...
A fine of 68 euros for throwing a cigarette butt on the street will soon be in force
08/09/2015 - France

French tobacconists protest at anti-smoking law

Tobacconists took to the streets of French cities on Tuesday to protest against the introduction of plain packaging on cigarettes packets.
Syrian refugee Ammar Kharboutli on Saturday's demonstration in Paris
06/09/2015 - FRANCE - European Union - Syria

Thousands stage pro-migrant rallies as French politicians debate Syria refugees

About 10,000 people staged pro-migrant rallies in towns across France on Saturday.
Hundreds of tractors heading towards Paris, 3 September 2015.
03/09/2015 - France

Hundreds of protesting French farmers' tractors roll into Paris

Farmers riding around 1,700 tractors tried to blockade Paris on Thursday morning to protest against falling prices of their products and high taxes which they say, are endangering their ...
French farmers block the entrance of a dairy in Ancenis, 23 July 2015.
25/07/2015 - France

Many French shoppers willing to pay more for food to help farmers

Demonstrations by French farmers continued Saturday, while a new poll found that more than half of French consumers are ready to buy more expensive food products to ensure proper income for ...
24/07/2015 - France

Protesting French livestock farmers change strategy: dump live pigs in supermarkets

After several days of blocking access to motorways, including access to southeastern city of Lyon yesterday and the western region of Normandy last week, protesting livestock farmers' new strategy targets manufacture and supply plants.

A policeman faces young protestors from banlieues (suburbs) with his flash-ball gun, during a demonstration in Nanterre.
22/07/2015 - FRANCE

France's rights ombudsman wants flashball gun ban on protests

French human rights ombudsman Jacques Toubon has called for a ban on police using flashball guns during demonstrations.