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Economic crisis

French weekly magazines review 4 January 2015

From inspiring individuals who achieved remarkable things in Marianne to those who "will make you love 2015" in Le Figaro mag, the French weeklies have chosen to focus on optimism for a ...

French press review 31 December 2014

Population, hangovers, political party names and the euro - all in today's papers ...


French press review 30 December 2014

Injustices in French education, French cuisine influenced by EU regulations and the problem of homeless people in this cold weather...

French press review 29 December 2014

Major newspapers seem to think there is not much going on in France today, with headlines devoted to international stories - Afghanistan for Le Monde or Greece for Le Figaro.

French weekly magazines review 28 December 2014

As we approach the end of 2014, it's time as usual for the weeklies to reflect on the year that has passed.
The French no longer hesitate to resell disappointing Christmas gifts.

More and more French resell their Christmas gifts

Shamelessly, the French no longer hesitate to resell on the internet disappointing gifts or those they received twice as early as Christmas day.


French press review 26 December 2014

The Pope's speech on Christmas day, goodish news from Ukraine, the 10 year-old anniversary of the Tsunami and as always a gloomy overview of the situation in France...

French press review 25 December 2014

Why do we celebrate Christmas day on 25 December? Will the far-left become the ruling parties in Greece and in Spain? Will Ukraine finally join NATO?
Unemployment reached a new record in France with 3.488 million job-seekers at the end of November 2014.
24/12/2014 - FRANCE

France hits record unemployment high once again

Unemployment reached a new record in France with 3.488 million job-seekers at the end of November.

French press review 24 December 2014

The Pope and his demand for a reform of the Catholic church, an almost non existent economic growth in France... Today's French newspapers aren't really getting into the Christmas spirit.