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Economic crisis

French press review 26 December 2014

The Pope's speech on Christmas day, goodish news from Ukraine, the 10 year-old anniversary of the Tsunami and as always a gloomy overview of the situation in France...

French press review 25 December 2014

Why do we celebrate Christmas day on 25 December? Will the far-left become the ruling parties in Greece and in Spain? Will Ukraine finally join NATO?
Unemployment reached a new record in France with 3.488 million job-seekers at the end of November 2014.
24/12/2014 - FRANCE

France hits record unemployment high once again

Unemployment reached a new record in France with 3.488 million job-seekers at the end of November.

French press review 24 December 2014

The Pope and his demand for a reform of the Catholic church, an almost non existent economic growth in France... Today's French newspapers aren't really getting into the Christmas spirit.
French Finance Minister Michel Sapin (R) with President François Hollande (C) and Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron (L)
13/12/2014 - France- World economy

Fitch downgrades France’s credit rating

Ratings agency Fitch cut France's credit grade to AA, down a notch from AA+, on Friday, saying the government’s efforts to cut the country’s debt have not been good enough.

Lawyers, notaries and bailiffs protest in Paris as parliament prepares to discuss Emmanuel Macron's economy bill
10/12/2014 - France

Sunday shopping, bailiffs’ ‘privileges’ targeted by France’s grab-bag economic reform

Lawyers, notaries and bailiffs took to France’s streets on Wednesday and left-wingers promised to fight an extension of Sunday shopping hours as French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron prepared ...
A Heuliez travaillent car factory in western France
07/12/2014 - France

France ranks 23rd in global competition league but investors praise productivity

The World Economic Forum's (WEF) global competitiveness report has ranked France 23rd out of 144 countries. But another report praises the country’s record in innovation and productivity.


French press review 4 December 2014

Roughly speaking, the same story dominates four of this morning's five front pages.
French President François Hollande (R), Prime Minister Manuel Valls (C) and Finance Minister Michel Sapin (R)
03/12/2014 - France - European Union

French public deficit to be well below EU’s 3.0 per cent in 2017, Sapin

France’s public deficit will be “well below” European Union limits in 2017, Finance Minister Michel Sapin declared on Wednesday.

French press review 3 December 2014

Hollande is accused of plotting to change the voting system to reduce damage to his party at the next election. French bosses’ appetite grows with eating.